The Noel Diary: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The Noel Diary: Plot, Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Filming Location, Review, Where to Watch & More

The story revolves around a novelist who, while organizing his childhood home for Christmas, meets a girl looking for her new mother.

Jacob is a widely known novelist with quite a few bestsellers. People are turned off by his writing model and the appearance of him. What more could a girl need than good thinking and good looks? Combine each quality into a bomb. After signing the e-book, he will receive a name from his mother’s lawyer the next day. Jacob did not know that she had given birth only a week before. He needed to go to her house to take care of her possessions after she gave him everything.

noel’s diary

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Noel’s Diary: Evaluate

The mother and son were never close and never had a healthy connection. Memories of her came back to her life when she returned to her childhood home. He kept noticing a girl on the street who was watching his house while he was there gathering trouble. The mysterious girl, Rachel, came to the Turner house looking for her new mother, a former babysitter. Due to her dialogue, higher issues. Jake helped her find her mother, and he or she repaired the strained bond she had with her father.

Both of them started to feel trouble for each other during their rewarding, crazy and adventurous journey. The surprising thing about this story is that Rachel is already engaged and prefers certainty over “opportunities” in her life. Problems instantly change course and reach a certain point when nothing is final. Watch The Noel Diary to find out what happened to their love story.

Because Rachel’s mother is known as Noel, the film’s name has stuck: “The Noel Diary.” Rachel was a single young woman. Therefore, he couldn’t have her together with her. Noel left the diary he kept after giving birth to Rachel at the Turner house for her daughter to find one day. Along with comedy and romance, the movie also shows the love and sacrifice of the elderly.

noel's diary
noel’s diary

The Noel Diary is a relaxing romantic comedy adapted for the big screen by Charles Shyer from the Richard Paul Evans novel of the same name. Justin Hartley plays the role of Jake Turner and Barrett Doss plays Rachel. Ellie Foster is my most beloved movie character. She is a romantic at heart and she knows how to live life to the fullest, even at 50 years old.

Since Rachel’s actions in the end weren’t justified, her character enhancement felt lost. Her character first generated expectation, however, as time went by, she became the perfect illustration of a cute girl. She set off in search of her mother to fill in the gaps in her private life, especially those with Alan (her fiancé). Jake didn’t like having others around, but he didn’t feel alone either. Each of them had vital family problems and insecurities. Jake and Rachel work together to overcome numerous obstacles because they are the pillars of each other’s power.

Noel’s Diary: Plot

Since his mother’s psychological illness forced him out when he was young, Jacob Turner, the best-selling author of The Closing Midnight, hasn’t visited her home in more than 20 years. A couple of days before Christmas, while he continues his routine as a respected novelist, the property’s lawyer will notify him that his mother passed away last week. Along with the house his mother left him, Jacob goes home twenty years later to replicate his struggle with his abusive mother.

Arriving at Turner’s house, he meets Rachel, a girl who is also looking for the property. The girl who used to work there as a nanny’s daughter, Rachel, is looking for her mother. Jacob and Rachel embark on a mission to learn the realities of their past and heal the wounds that burn intensely in their conscience after realizing that Jacob’s father is still alive.

noel's diary
noel’s diary

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Noel’s diary: solid and team

As a son seeking information from his recently deceased mother, Justin Harley will play the lead role in the film. Prior to that, he contributed to the critically acclaimed and award-winning television series. That’s Us on NBC, which premiered in September 2016. We can expect an excellent performance from the actor in this one, given that he has a background in rom-coms. Barret Doss accompanies Jacob Turner on his journey to help Rachel (Justin Harley) discover the solutions she seeks. The actress is recognized for her work in particular on Curiosity, Station 19 and Iron Fist.

Bonnie Bedelia takes on the role of a compassionate neighbor who leads the main leads’ journey, while James Remar and Essence Atkins take on the roles of Justin Harley’s parents. The other cast members seen in the trailer include Andrea Sooch, Vivian Full, Jeff Corbett, Aaron Costa Ganis, Lauren Yaffe, Jacob Mackinnon, Alexander Blaise, Samantha Sensible, Baylen D. Bielitz, Sophia Carlin, Mike Donovan, Gina D’Acciaro, and Blae Morris.

Best known for the critically acclaimed films Personal Benjamin (1980), The Dad or mum Lure (1998), Alfie (2004) and Father of the Bride, Charles Shyer is directing the film (1991). The other writers on the script, in addition to Rebecca Connor, Richard Paul Evans, and David Golden, are Charles Shyer and David Golden. He explained why Shyer needed to adapt this story for Entry Hollywood.

noel's diary
noel’s diary

Cast Title:

  • justin harley
  • barrett doss
  • Bonnie Bedelia
  • james rowing
  • deal with williams
  • Atkins Essence

“I was interested in adapting this eBook for a wide variety of causes. Noel Diary’s plot has room for all hearts and humor while offering amazing direct and visual alternatives. A film that, in the words of Billy Wilder, “Can make you laugh and it can make you cry”, because of Justin Hartley’s role in This Is Us, I decided to support him. I had a feeling Justin could hit this one out of the park, looking at his spectacular range.”

The soundtrack for Noel Diary was created by Dara Taylor, who won the HMMA Award for Best Single Rating for Coldwell, a 2019 Dramatic Film. We can have high expectations for the soundtracks since it was nominated for the HMMA Award for Perfect Original Rating. in 2015 for the movie Undetectable.

Noel’s Diary: release date

Netflix merely confirmed the movie’s release date. On November 24, 2022, The Noel Diary may make its debut on Netflix.

Noel’s Diary: Trailer

A trailer is still missing, and we should always anticipate seeing one in late October or early November. We’d get a first look at this movie at the Tudum event in September, though Netflix will likely release more Netflix & Chills content for its 2022 lineup, with Halloween just around the corner.

The Noel Diary: Does Rachel identify her mom?

As Jake and Rachel travel, it becomes apparent that they have great chemistry. They talk about normal life topics. Jake explains that she had an older brother who passed away when he was just a little boy, and Rachel mentions that she had always wondered why her mother abandoned her when she was a baby. The three of them didn’t really see a different one because the death of his brother tore the family apart. When Rachel finds the e-book that Jake stole from her house, she realizes that it is her mother’s journal. Noel was her name.

Noel describes in her diary how her mother and father rejected her for being pregnant at such a young age. Noel describes how Jake’s parents adopted her and guided her to become a better person. Jake was Noel’s favorite when she was babysitting her, in response to her writing. Noel also talks about how she wasn’t ready to become a mother at such a young age. She knows that her mother loved her, but life pushed them aside.

noel's diary
noel’s diary

The two seem in love once they arrive at Jake’s father’s house. Rachel, though, is taken. It doesn’t seem like a romantic relationship and Rachel seems to have second thoughts. She buys one of Jake’s novels and develops a deeper affection for him. Jake also has doubts because he had imagined that he would never fall in love, but now he constantly thinks of Rachel. As soon as they get there, Jake is confronted by his father.

Jake’s dad is sincerely sorry for what he did. Jake’s father disappeared when his brother passed away, leaving the youngest child and his mother alone. After reconciling with his father, Jake spends a night with Rachel, but she leaves because she is confused. Jake chases after her and confesses his liking to her. Rachel rejects him, however, she later returns to her house and as they kiss, they understand that they are meant to be together. Because the movie involves details, Rachel and Jake are ready to embark on a new venture.

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