‘The Son’ Movie Review: Florian Zeller’s Drama Falls Far From ‘The Father’ Tree

by florian zeller drama 2020 The father it is a moving tsunami that consumes everything in its path. The son it acts as a companion and follow-up piece, but falls short of its predecessor. the movieThe central concept struggles with its undeniably difficult theme in a number of ways, but pins its emotional crescendo to a manipulative center that lacks sincerity.

‘El Hijo’ finds a broken family trying to rebuild their lives

L-R: Zen McGrath as Nicholas Miller, Laura Dern as Kate and Hugh Jackman as Peter | Sony Pictures Classics

Peter (Hugh Jackman) is a busy professional with a demanding career with the potential for new opportunities that he has worked hard for over the years. He juggles these duties with his personal life with his new partner, Beth (vanessa kirby), and her newborn baby. However, their seemingly controlled lives are thrown into chaos when Peter’s ex-wife Kate (laura dern), asks her to help him with his increasingly difficult teenage son, Nicholas (Zen McGrath).

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