The UK election: search engine games, big promises and search scandals

The government representatives’ activities are in the headlines of most popular online websites because of the upcoming UK election. Luke Richard has explained the role of politics in Google SERPs. 

You may know that in the UK, the general election takes place once every four years. The third general election will soon be held in the UK, and the main parties of this election are Labour and conservatives. Both of these parties have also agreed that investment in digital technologies is a necessity of modern times. They have also invested a lot of their money in digital campaigns. 

Search engine marketing has experienced several changes in the past few weeks. The search visibility and traffic of many websites have increased. The content of manifesto that declares the policies of the government is also published online. 

Here is what Luke Richard found out after proper analysis of the UK election and impact on SERPs. 

Search visibility 

Residents of the UK are quite fortunate because they get to choose who they want to vote in an election. There is transparency in the UK election. There may be some corrupt people or leaders about which we will discuss later, but the system is fair. Many sites deliver quality content for the policies of the government. And only after a few clicks you can reach to such websites. The election manifesto consists of the government’s policies, and the significant plans are repeated several times. The parties use the target keywords to attract the audience. Both the parties, the conservative and the labor party, apply best SEO practices as well. The search engine also provides a new option for the Accessible Manifesto. This accessible manifesto is for those internet users who find it difficult to read the texts. 

Those websites also include an option of ‘call to action.’ If you click on that option, you can be a part of their movement, and you would be asked to provide your mail address. 

The Labour’s manifesto is getting a high rank in Google SERPs that can prove to be quite confusing and frustrating for other website owners. The Daily Telegraph newspaper, which consists of all the information related to politics, captures two to three significant positions of Google SERPs. The articles of this newspaper are not entirely contrary but drive the audience’s attention. 

Search traffic 

When it comes to the comparison of the search traffic, you need to know that the labor manifesto is getting more popular than conservatives. When the labor manifesto got published, it received thrice the amount of traffic than what conservative manifesto received. Many queries related to the labor Manifesto are also trending in Google. 

Misleading information

The labor manifesto was getting many traffic and viewers. Hence, the conservatives decided to confuse the voters and launched a fake website in the name of labor to capture the clicks in search engines. 

But Google has a strict policy against such websites and ads. Google promptly banned eight search conservative ads. However, the site is not yet banned. 

Increased connectivity

Labour’s digital policy, “free full-fiber brand to all by 2030,” has received the most clicks. This policy states that problems like regional inequality and unemployment will be solved soon. The conservatives also have their broadband plan. 

Education and technology 

The manifesto of the conservatives is excellent. But, Labour’s manifesto is environment friendly. They have given a proposal for a green industrial revolution. 

Conservatives have included skills as a critical feature in their manifesto. They have promised to provide 3 billion euros in NSF. They even promised to provide 2 billion euros for education and college and are planning to build 20 technical institutes. 

Health care 

Health care is a significant cause of concern in the election. Both parties are looking for various ways and technologies to improve health care. They have invested in artificial intelligence and cyber technology to improve patients’ experience. Their manifesto consists of the necessity of data rights for the people. 


Both the Labour and the conservative parties want huge digital companies to pay a little more taxes than what they were paying. The labor party has included it in their plan as the taxing would help them fulfill many of their agendas. 

The conservatives party has promised to include DST, but they have not mentioned anything about taxing in their manifesto. They have not said anything about the tax rate, what they will do of the money received from tax, etc.


The search campaigns for each party has several advantages and drawbacks. The labor party has tried to capture the audience’s attention by promising to solve several important issues. But the conservatives have also not been lazy with their search campaigns. They have worked hard to mislead the users and get a positive online response. But Google has also punished them for some of their wrongdoings. 

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