The Weird 100

The top 100 bands we’ve blogged about on TWBITW, ranked according to their page views over the past three months.


For the first time in forever, we have a new No. 1 on the Weird 100. After British neo-pagan rock goddesses Rockbitch occupied the top spot since before Justin Bieber could legally drink, they’ve finally been unseated by Japanese mascot band Charamel, who debut in the top spot. Which we’re pretty sure makes this the first time the phrases “neo-pagan rock goddesses” and “Japanese mascot band” have been used in the same sentence. We’re all about firsts here at TWBITW.

Elsewhere around the Weird 100, Texas outsider Jandek scores the second-highest debut, entering the chart at No. 54; Polish hip-hoppers Donatan make the highest jump up the chart, vaulting 36 places to No. 60; and we’re tickled to see Tiny Tim tiptoeing back on the chart at No. 89, scoring this month’s highest re-entry.

For a complete alphabetical list of every band we’ve ever blogged about (316 and counting), go here.

Updated monthly(ish). Last update: Nov. 11, 2018. Previous chart position noted in parentheses. New entries in bold. Former No. 1s noted with an asterisk.

  1. Charamel – Japan’s yuru-chara mascots are here to rock your face off (NEW)
  2. Vladimir Cauchemar – he’s too sexy for his flute; also, it’s a recorder, not a flute, asshole (2)
  3. Little Big– with Russia, from weird (7)
  4. Rockbitch* – the world’s raunchiest all-female, neo-pagan, pro-sex rock show (1)
  5. Stalaggh/Gulaggh* – sweet serenades by (and for?) the clinically insane (3)
  6. Clown Core – jams from the porta-potty (4)
  7. Mayhem* – murder, suicide, flying pig’s heads; just another day on the Norwegian black metal scene (6)
  8. GG Allin– putting the danger (and the bodily fluids) back into punk rock (5)
  9. TISM– This Is Seriously weird, Mum (10)
  10. Stinky Picnic– a father, a daughter and some hairy bananas (12)
  11. Butthole Surfers– naked dancers, flaming cymbals and Gibbytronix (9)
  12. The Gerogerigegege– like an S&M Japanese GG Allin, only grosser (14)
  13. Rick K. & The Allnighters– this drummer is at the wrong gig (15)
  14. Jan Terri– Chicago’s reigning queen of frozen-in-the-‘80s outsider pop-rock (11)
  15. Professor Elemental vs. Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer– fear of a chap planet (19)
  16. Sparks– hello young weirdos (13)
  17. Rudely Interrupted – one band’s disabilities is another band’s superpowers (26)
  18. The Misfits – this just in: Glenn Danzig is a weird dude (21)
  19. Rammstein* – du bist im Weirdland! (16)
  20. Whitehouse– the inventors of “power electronics”…no, not the kind you find at Best Buy (17)
  21. Igorrr* – breakcore + classical + death metal + ambient = WTFF? (8)
  22. PPL MVR – yeti rock for ELO fans (18)
  23. Fadades – France’s shining, studded lone wolf of outsider black metal (22)
  24. Anklepants* – the prosthetic penis-nose is the least weird part of it (23)
  25. The KLF– what do Tammy Wynette, Dr. Who, acid house and wanton destruction of legal tender have in common? (25)
  26. Dakh Daughters Band – like The Bacchae meets The Tiger Lillies meets Dead Can Dance, except even more awesome than that (24)
  27. Here Come the Mummies* – making music even funkier than the smell of their rotting flesh (27)
  28. Cattle Decapitation– taking on the meat industry, one gory death metal anthem at a time (20)
  29. Captured! by Robots – grindcore + robots = awesome (49)
  30. Sopor Æternus and the Ensemble of Shadows– the Gothiest music project ever (30)
  31. Eartheater – musical contortions and actual contortions (36)
  32. Ghost – Satanic Swedish power metal or black metal pisstake? Yes (33)
  33. Cromagnon– weird even by 1969 standards (35)
  34. Senyawa – something weird is happening in Indonesia (58)
  35. Attila– Billy Joel does proto-metal…nuff said (29)
  36. Primus– sailing the seas of weird (34)
  37. The Residents– hey, who took my giant eyeball mask? (39)
  38. Mr. Bungle– confusing the shit out of metal fans since 1991 (37)
  39. Impaled Northern Moonforest– the world’s first (and still greatest) acoustic black metal band (31)
  40. Shamalamamonkey – what the hell is a Gussle? (45)
  41. Rasputina – Victorian cello music that rocks so hard it makes us want to do a line of snuff off a chorus girl’s bloomers (52)
  42. Crash Worship– neo-tribal/industrial/extreme audience participation insanity (40)
  43. Vocal Trash – Texas’ leading garbage-themed a cappella group (59)
  44. Naked City– the early ‘90s’ weirdest jazz/spazz/punk/thrash/surf/country/cartoon/avant-garde/noise quintet (54)
  45. Die Antwoord* – straight outta Cape Town (51)
  46. Ghedalia Tazartes– a French nutjob with an accordion and a loop pedal (44)
  47. Reynols– chicken symphonies and dematerialized CDs (53)
  48. Nurse With Wound– chance weirding on a dissecting table (47)
  49. Shibusashirazu Orchestra– free jazz + butoh dancers = WTF? (46)
  50. Aesthetic Meat Front– sewing instruments into their skin since 1996 (42)
  51. Okilly Dokilly – Arizona’s leading Ned Flanders-themed metal band (32)
  52. Max Normal* – and you thought Die Antwoord was weird (50)
  53. Mac Sabbath*– the inventors of “drive thru metal” (41)
  54. Jandek – the representative from Corwood Industries will see you now (NEW)
  55. Autechre – glitchy electronic music is weirder in the dark (87)
  56. HGich.T – German idiots dancing to bad techno – what’s not to love? (48)
  57. Dvar – Gorillaz-style electro-pop transmitted in a dead language by a demonic bee (61)
  58. Dir En Grey– Japan’s favorite metal band can beat up your favorite metal band (93)
  59. Bow Gamelan Ensemble – banging on junk and setting fires on English waterways since 1983 (NEW)
  60. Donatan– throw your damn hands up for Polish pagan folk-hop (96)
  61. Björk – all is full of weird (43)
  62. The Godz – the godzfathers of noise-rock and no wave (65)
  63. Santa Hates You– but he loves dark electro German graver anthems (67)
  64. Autopsy Report of Drowned Shrimp– Japan’s funkiest crustacean-inspired trance/noise/jam band (71)
  65. The Shaggs– the unwitting godmothers of outsider music (73)
  66. Buckethead– the world’s weirdest guitar god/nunchuck dancer/Viggo Mortensen collaborator (64)
  67. Throbbing Gristle– 20 weird funk greats (60)
  68. Buttress O’Kneel – excruciating postcore compop from Australia (28)
  69. a.P.A.t.T.– Liverpudlian lunatics…also, we just like saying “Liverpudlian” (55)
  70. Cardiacs– weird even by ’80s standards (69)
  71. M△S▴C△RA (Mascara) – remember when witch house was a thing? (78)
  72. Evelyn Evelyn – Amanda Palmer’s weirdest music project — which is saying something (63)
  73. Army of Gay Unicorns– totally gay for your ear holes…and they like it rough (62)
  74. Babymetal– everything’s cuter in Japan…even death metal (76)
  75. Nina Hagen– NunSexWeirdRock (89)
  76. Otto von Schirach– breakcore’s number-one weirdo…which is saying a lot (72)
  77. Frank Zappa – he’s only in it for the weirdness (95)
  78. Deadlift Lolita – starring the world’s least likely J-pop idol, Ladybeard (NEW)
  79. Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra – no puppets, no Satan — but they do have a singing robot (NEW)
  80. Metalachi– a mariachi metal band? only in L.A. (74)
  81. DDAA (Déficit Des Années Antérieures) – France’s answer to The Residents? Mais oui (57)
  82. Winny Puhh– how do you say “weird” in Estonian (83)
  83. Pryapisme– a French prog-metal soundtrack to the 8-bit Catpocalypse (77)
  84. Brokencyde– behold, the douchecore kids (56)
  85. Sun O)))– what if a bunch of druids started a drone metal band? (68)
  86. Aphex Twin– intelligent weird music (70)
  87. Threebrain – pre-YouTube lo-fi folk-punk like, “Weeee!” (86)
  88. The Books – sound collages, elevator music and Talkboys (82)
  89. Tiny Tim – tiptoes through the weirdness (re-entry)
  90. Ween – push th’ little weirdos and make ’em come up (79)
  91. Laibach – eins, zwei, drei, weird! (97)
  92. Moondog – the Viking street musician of Rockefeller Center (81)
  93. Little Women– Louisa May Alcott would not approve (75)
  94. Rockets – the original French robot/alien disco band (98)
  95. Compressorhead – meet your new robot rock ‘n’ roll overlords (re-entry)
  96. Hank3 – hellbilly and cattlecore from third-generation country music royalty (99)
  97. DEVO – are we not weird? (91)
  98. Dwarr – guitar-toting loner from South Carolina tries to be Sabbath, ends up making an outsider metal classic (90)
  99. The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – he is the god of hellfire! (88)
  100. Prussian Blue – the world’s most adorable white supremacist folk band (94)



110 thoughts on “The Weird 100

      1. Artie Barnes

        Cool. (Just giving you guys a hard time…)
        Ya know, I think I DID see that story about us from years ago. Excellent!

        Artie B.

        Check out our first album in 10 years, HOLIDAZE IN LUMANIA. Our first holiday album. Fun, insane stuff! On iTunes,, etc…

  1. Dan

    I’m a little surprised at the lack of Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. Anyone who was responsible for the musical direction of Tom Waits’ Swordfishtrombones deserves a mention.

  2. Weird Weirdo

    This list is only weird if you are a normal person . Someone should make a list of actual weird bands for actual Weirdos. There are only a few on here that qualify as weird, hasn’t gotten weird enough for me!

  3. Bowser

    What about Mindless self indulgence, fuckface unstoppable and on a lesser extent bloodhound gang or is this more about appearance then lyrics?

  4. i’ve been a fan of weird stuff for a long time but this dude confounds me. this guy is beyond “outsider music,” less than 30 views on most of his videos. his name is jaye mitchell (not to be confused with “jay mitchell”)

    i found him through random chance, when i stumbledupon a “music licensing” website.

    videos reminded me of tonetta somehow mixed with wesley willis.

    here’s the videos for “dance baby dance” –
    and “big pimping” –

    oh and bonus here’s a trailer for his movie, a passion project i assume.
    “the kilo connection” –

    he has 3 full albums on spotify

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