Things to do on Sullivan’s Island

Sullivan’s Island is an island town in Charleston County, South Carolina – the island has historically been the entry point for voyagers and immigrants for over three centuries. Almost everyone from the African-American community in the US can trace their ancestors back to Sullivan’s Island.

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Things to do in Sullivan’s Island

Fort Moultrie

Also called Fort Sullivan, it is a fort constructed in the late 18th century – it was the American Revolutionary War site. Today, the fort houses multiple cannons dating back more than a century, mortars, pedestal gun systems, and masking parapets. Fort Moultrie has been a part of the American Civil war and WWII as well.

Sullivan’s Island Beach

Sullivan’s island is home to a long stretch of beautiful South Carolina white and yellow sand beach. The beach is surrounded by lively flora giving off peaceful countryside vibes. You can take a walk down the beach for peace of mind or take a boat ride in the ocean. The Fort Sumter National Monument is accessible from the beach.

Fort Sumter National Monument

Another historical fort in South Carolina has seen everything from the American War of Independence, the Civil War, and WWII. Fort Sumter was structured on an artificial island in the Charleston Harbour. You can take a historical tour here and come across decades-old cannons & columbiads, destroyed as well as preserved warships and boats, and preserved fort architecture.

Where should you eat on Sullivan’s Island?

Whether you like American or seafood, there is plenty to explore on your visit to Sullivan’s Island. We take a look at a few of the popular tourist options. 

Poe’s Tavern

Poe’s Tavern is addressed at 2210 Middle Street – it a themed-restaurant dedicated to American author Edgar Allen Poe. You will find various wallpapers, references from Poe’s books, and interactive designs all over the place. The food is fantastic; you should try jalapeno cheeseburgers, chicken tenderloins, and corn avocado salad.

Acme Lowcountry Kitchen

Get the best beach grilled seafood at Acme, located at 31 J C Long Blvd – the place is well-known for classic South Carolina cuisine. Try the Gouda grit fries, duck confit egg rolls, and grilled shrimp. The outlet also has a full bar so that you can wash down your dishes with your favorite beer.

What are reasonable accommodations on Sullivan’s Island?

Now, accommodation needs vary. You might be on a budget or may want to splurge more to have that dream vacation. Here are some of the popular choices you may try out depending on your needs. 

Shem Creek Inn

A luxurious hotel addressed at 1401 Shrimp Boat Ln, Mount Pleasant – Shem Creek Inn offers comfy suites with a private balcony and free Wi-Fi. The hotel itself is equipped with multiple amenities like a swimming pool, access to the beachfront, and a fitness area. The per-day rates range between $150-$200.

Holiday Inn Express

A budget stays venue in the Mount Pleasant district – Holiday Inn Express has free parking, a swimming pool, and a fitness center for their guests. Apart from various other amenities, it is in proximity to public transport. The per-day rates range between $75-$125.

What is the best time to visit Sullivan’s Island, SC?

Sullivan’s island is usually crowded in the summer months, owing to the state’s laid-back vibes, beaches, and tourist attractions.

The best time to visit Sullivan’s Island would be from October to December – the crowd is moderate in number, and you can peacefully enjoy your stay.


Sullivan’s island is one of the best getaways in South Carolina – a hidden gems on the state’s southeastern coasts; it has immense historical significance and a building block for modern America’s legacy.

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