Things You Should Know Before Buying a Silver Ring

People prefer to collect different pieces of jewellery to add to their collection. Not only are they used for collection, but they also serve as an investment for some because of the tremendous value it can offer when pawned or sold. One piece of jewellery that most people like to collect are silver rings. 

Many businesses sell Sterling Silver Rings, and people turn to them because it makes one of the best additions to their jewellery collection. If you’re planning to buy these kinds of silver rings, you have to know what they are so that you can use them to your advantage in the long run. 

What is Sterling Silver?

For those that are new to the term, Sterling Silver is a combination of metals such as 92.5 per cent pure silver and 7.5 per cent metal alloy. The metal alloy is generally composed of copper since it adds durability to the malleable, natural silver metal. These metal alloys are critical to keeping Sterling Silver Rings retain their surface’s gleam even after years of constant use and wear. 

Ensuring the Ring Fits Perfectly

It won’t matter whether you have the best-looking silver ring if it doesn’t fit your finger in the first place. Fitting the ring should be the first thing on your mind, especially if you pay very close attention to detail all the time. What’s good about Sterling Silver Rings is that they don’t overwhelm your fingers and is best suited for people with elegant, slender fingers. A good tip in fitting rings is to try to wear and take it off and see if it slides right in the finger without a problem. You should also make sure that it’s not too loose on your finger if you don’t want to lose it. 

Determining the Qualities of Sterling Silver

For those that suffer from allergic reactions, you can find that Sterling Silver Rings are hypoallergenic, preventing any irritation from forming on your skin. This type of ring is also durable and will last a lifetime if taken care of correctly. Jewellers can easily customise the ring to make it fit your standards. 

Choosing the Perfect Stone

Sometimes, people prefer to have large stones set on their rings to really make it stand out. Nevertheless, some prefer to have lightweight stones so that it won’t feel too heavy on their fingers. You have to determine the type of stone set on the ring to ensure you won’t have any regrets in the future wearing it. 

Checking for Sharp Edges

Some Sterling Silver Rings have sharp, pointed edges that are elegant to look at, yet it makes it uncomfortable for some wearers. You should check first by wearing these rings to know whether they will fit comfortably within your finger. The sharp edges can potentially cause wounds and bruises if you move your hand a lot. 

Ensuring the Ring is Easy to Clean and Maintain

At some point, you’re bound to clean your ring because of how dirty and smelly it is. For rings that have stones set, you have to ask or determine whether you can clean and maintain it easily. The ring setting may have small crevices and nooks that may be hard to clean if you don’t check it beforehand. 

Choosing a ring won’t be too hard in the future if you keep in mind all of the tips mentioned. For those looking for the best Sterling Silver Rings, you should turn to reputable jewellery stores because they might just have the perfect ring for you.


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