This man had the worst celebration of Argentina’s triumph, he took a hit Código Lista

TikTok user Cyntia Bernardo shared a video on her account in which you can see the moment in which a man was so moved by Argentina’s victory in Qatar 2022 that he ended up giving himself a tremendous blow.

In the recording you can see how the subject lifts and turns a shirt of the albiceleste several times, then runs towards a glass door taking off his shirt, and it seems that he does not realize that it is closed, so when she arrives he stamps .

The blow was very strong, so a great crash is heard, and the man ends up on the floor, apparently knocked out. Several people immediately approached him to see how he was doing.

The publication generated comments such as: “does anyone know the brand of the glass doors?”, “everyone resets as they want”, “thank God it was tempered glass”, “they say he woke up speaking French”, “they say he will wake up until the next World Cup”, “it reminded me of the roadrunner”,

The euphoria over Argentina’s triumph generated a large number of accidents in the South American country. An example was the fans who fell from the roof of a bus stop that could not support their weight, or the man who fell from the top of a tree.

Another moment that was recorded was when two men jumped into the bus in which the Argentine players were traveling, one of them fell to the ground. Another moment captured on video was when a person broke a traffic light while trying to climb it.

The media also reported that a man suffered a fractured skull when three men climbed on some flag poles and due to the weight one fell on four people.

There are no final figures yet, but local media reported that up to January 18 alone, emergency services treated 178 people who were injured during the festivities. Until this December 20, the deaths of a couple of people are also reported, one due to a fall from a building and another due to suffocation.


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