Tik Tok star Breyana Persaud passed away: cause of death and funeral


Breyana Persaud, who was 22, is believed to have died. Reports said that Breyana Persaud was from North America. The sudden death of Breyana Persaud has caused a lot of comments on the Internet and on social networks. But Breyana Persaud’s family and friends have not said anything about why she died so suddenly. Here in the following article we talk about what led to the sudden death of Breyana Persaud.

Guyana’s official social media account said that Breyana Persaud is no longer with us. In their statement, they said the Guyana South America team had heard that Breyana Persaud from Region 6 had died on December 13, 2022. But the cause of death has not been confirmed and the news will be posted on the website when it is .

How did Breyana Persaud die?

Breyana Persaud was probably only about 22 years old. Now beautiful photos and videos of the beautiful Breyana Persaud are on the Internet and on social networks. There are rumors that Breyana Persaud recently got married. And now that she’s dead, everything gets crazier and crazier. We are all still waiting for Breyana Persaud’s family and friends to make a public statement.


Breyana Persaud was a newly married woman from the United States of America. Her hometown was Black Bush Polder. She was about 22 years old. Her sudden death shocked everyone. And now everyone wants to know what happened to Breyana Persaud. But still, if someone did something wrong to Breyana Persaud, the only thing to do is do them justice.

There is no information about why Breyana Persaud died so suddenly on the Internet or in any other news source. Breyana Persaud’s family and friends have not come forward to speak to the media, and have not even said anything about her sudden death.


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