Tips for Sharing Video Files

If you are looking for a way to share your compressed video file with friends and family, share them on the internet or just have them for backup purposes, you might be wondering how to go about this.

Not all operating systems know how to read one another’s file formats so making sure that you use the right format can help.

Also, there are other hardware differences between computers so certain videos may not work well depending on what computer they are being played on.

Here are some guidelines for sharing your video files with ease.

1) Make Sure That Your Video File Is in the .MP4 Format

Changing your file types will probably get it to play but if you want everyone to be able to watch it without things coming up missing then convert it to .MP4. This is because the .MP4 format works on different operating systems so the file will read properly no matter what you use it on.

Video files that need to be uploaded can either be in the .MP4 or .AVI form. While both video file formats are acceptable, it is best to convert any video file into an MP4 for easy uploading

2) Make Sure That Your Video File Is Compressed Well Enough for Sharing

Some distribution formats compress files while others do not, meaning that one viewer may be able to watch a video without any problems but another can’t if it’s not compressed enough. There are programs out there like Handbrake which will take longer to download and install but ensure that your file is compressed well enough for everyone to enjoy watching it with ease.

When you’ve finished syncing the drives, go to your Dropbox folder and remove the drive letter from the name of each file. This tells Windows to open those files with VLC rather than trying to sync them back out again.

It’s also always good to remember to remove video copies. This will help you save space on your computer.

3) Make Sure That You Choose the Right Type of Player for Each Computer

Not all computers come with players pre-installed so make sure you know where you can download one that works on your operating system. Also, make sure that it is compatible with the video file you are sharing. Some players will not support certain formats so sticking to what you know will go a long way for everyone involved.

How to Share Video Files

Sharing video files is one of the most popular ways to get your message out there. We wanted to share some tips on how you can do this without any hassle or confusion because it’s so easy for things to go wrong with videos, especially if they are big in size and have a lot of moving parts.

We really hope you have enjoyed this article and gained massive value from it. If so, please take a minute to visit the rest of our blog for more help with how to send large video files and how to share large video files with less hassle than usual.

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