Tips to Buy the Perfect Furniture for Your Australian Home

Australians love open-plan living spaces decorated with the most beautifully crafted pieces of furniture. Did you know that each year 1.6 million of them shop for Australian furniture? The contemporary furniture styles are the country’s favorite interior décor choice.

Owing to high quality, locals take pride in purchasing Australian made furniture, supporting local retailers, and the economy. Here are a few excellent tips to make your furniture shopping effortless.

Choose a Style That Blends with Your Home Design

The Australian cities boast unique housing styles like stand-alone houses, terraces, duplex, townhouses, and apartment units. The younger generations living in these suburbs prefer Scandinavian and Industrial furniture styles.

Whereas, those in the countryside, who live in brick veneer homes prefer the cosy country style. And living on the coastline, in cities like Perth and Cairns, you will find Hamptons style designs more alluring.

No matter which region you reside in, don’t be afraid to mix n’ match to achieve a unique furniture style. 

Stick to Your Budget

On average, the living cost in Oz for one person is about $2,300 per month, and a sofa in the city can cost you anywhere between $300 and $1500. With the current shopping trends, the total value of the Australian online home furnishing industry will be $407 million by 2023. 

It is no brainer that the Australian made furniture make the most expensive part of any home interior decorating project. Having a budget in place and considering factors like material, design, manufacturing procedures, and shipping can save some dollars.

Your Lifestyle Matters

Your lifestyle influences the type of furniture you purchase. If you have children, it is ideal to invest in easy-to-clean fabrics. Likewise, if you are an artist, white color is a no-no. Having dark-toned prints can avoid pain-staking scrubbing of dirt off your furniture.

Assess Your Available Space

Australians typically have an obsession for bigger houses, with the average home size being close to 240 square meters.

The stand-alone houses usually have more accommodation. In contrast, the townhouses have a smaller footprint, but multiple floors.

You might like your furniture to occupy all the space in your home. Others might prefer to have more seating surfaces. It is advisable to choose practical furniture, fitting your area perfectly, and, more importantly, eco-friendly.

Check the Quality

Australian furniture guarantees quality craftsmanship and environmental sustainability.

Ideally, long-lasting material ensures a longer lifespan of a furniture piece. For instance, the best timbers for furniture in Australia, like birch, ash, and mahogany, do not crack easily.

Every furniture you buy doesn’t have to be pompous to shout out quality. You can even find durable furniture in Oz with standard fabrics and perfect crease.  

Known as the beach paradise, Australia has nearly 85% of its population living within 50km of the coast. The dining and lounge area furniture makes up about 48% of Australian furniture industry sales. But, bedroom furniture holds a share of over 30%. 

On your next furniture shopping trip, consider your home location, weather conditions, preferred material, and size of the required furniture pieces. Evaluate your budget to accommodate these factors and pick the most versatile pieces that suit your taste.

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