Top fantasy sports trends in India

Fantasy Sports is the new and favourite pastime of most sports fans in India. Even users with no prior attachment to sports are now trying their hand at fantasy sports. And why not, fantasy sports allow a user if he gets his team and the combination right on a particular day, to win big against a very small amount.

Another interesting and the attracting point is that it allows users to participate in ‘the contest, irrespective of the sports, on a whole different level, picking players of one’s own preferences, and managing fantasy teams which then reflect the real-world performance of the athletes. The users are always glued to the screens to see who will win today match.

Here are some of the trends:

Ease of Access

A large reason for the fantasy sports’ in India is down to the ease with which users can access fantasy sports products from their smartphones and other internet-connected devices.

But like any other industry, time and time again, fantasy sports do also go through changes. There’s no rule of thumb. Technology is improving every day, new immersive features are being added, new fantasy gaming animals are coming to the fore to get the slice of the market which is expected to touch the $1 billion mark by the end of 2020.

There’s Life Beyond Football, Basketball & Cricket

The market is changing. Fantasy apps now look for new sports and markets. Then came match prediction for sports such as Handball, baseball, kabaddi, volleyball and more. And, with time more sports are being added to the spectrum.

Introduction of New Fantasy Sports Apps
Fantasy sports has been a consistent trend all around the world, and in the last few years, there has been a considerable increase in the new fantasy sports platforms. It feels every week there is a new app entering the market in the country, claiming to offer something unique to the users, and improving their fantasy sports experience. And this is likely to continue, as the market is still new, burgeoning with the potential. Get used to new apps if you are into fantasy sports.

Localised Touch

Acknowledging local preferences of fantasy sports users, more and more platforms are developing and creating themes with the local niche. Fantasy game developers are coming up with titles in multiple local languages. This language customisation is the new trend in fantasy sports in India, which is expected to drive the gaming industry forward.

User Engagement

Humans have the tendency to get bored witless after some time, with almost everyone seem to have a saturation point. Keeping users interested can get complicated, especially in the field of fantasy sports when rewards tend to hinge on luck. New and interactive features are the things that can keep the users happy and loyal.
Social media is a way to keep users engaged. Almost all the fantasy sports platforms post real-time questions on their social media channels.

During the lockdown, when all the sporting activities came to a screeching, fantasy sports stayed afloat and entertained sports lovers.

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