Top Side Hustles to earn a little extra money

We are all feeling a little stressed right now. Almost three years of the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, plus the fallout from the sanctions that governments around the world have imposed on Russia have caused the cost of living to rise dramatically, particularly in Europe.

Plus, winter is coming, which usually means more energy bills, one of the main things price has gone up in the last year.

People around the world are becoming increasingly concerned about the rising cost of living, and while there are many things we can’t control, there are certainly some things we can.

One of them is to generate additional income by doing various side jobs. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best side hustle to earn some extra cash!

What is a side hustle?

A side hustle is literally anything you can do “on the side” of your main job. It often includes passive income streams or tasks that you can complete without many skills or qualifications. Anyone can complete most of these side jobs we listed!

best side hustle


Surveys are a great way to earn extra money. While you won’t make a fortune from these websites, the amount you earn adds up, and you can usually complete them from your phone when you have free time, like when you’re on the bus or watching TV in the late afternoon.

If you use the time you’d otherwise spend watching Instagram to fill out some surveys, you could be earning quite a bit of money in your downtime!

Here are some popular survey apps (you can download them all on the App Store or Google Play):

Market research

Market research is similar to surveys, but it involves thinking about a particular product and talking about your impressions of it.

You can do market research on websites like UserTesting (which pays $10 for about 15 minutes of your time) or sign up for market research programs through websites like People for Research.

I sell old products

Selling old products is a great way to make money with the things you have laying around. Plus, it’s pretty quick and easy to do! You can create an account on platforms like vintage either Of popfrom which you can list old clothes, books or household items.

You’ll need to figure out how much postage and packing costs, and you’re also responsible for printing the labels and shipping the packages to the buyer.

Make crafts and sell them.

Crafting is a great way to earn a little extra money. In fact, some of the most successful salespeople were able to make this side their full-time job. Of course, you’ll need an artistic flair to do this, but you can sell many different crafts online.

For example, you could make artwork for people to hang on their walls, create calendars with your photos, or make bags or purses.


If you have a particular skill, you could make money freelancing. You could be a freelance writer, photographer, translator, travel agent, or pretty much anything else! You can connect with clients using websites like Upwork or Fiverr, which are advertising platforms for freelancers and people in need.

This is a big hustle to start now as an increasing number of companies are starting to use freelancers instead of hiring new employees.

Side Hustle Tips

Don’t get sucked into expensive side hustle or scammers

One rule about scam is that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Weather twenty one is a fun game, with people using strategies like card counting to have a higher chance of winning money, the reality is that it is still a game of chance, and most players lose money instead of winning it, even the best card counters are not guaranteed to win 100% of the time.

Never see gambling as a way to make money – it is primarily a form of entertainment for which you pay a fee, and any winnings should only be seen as a nice bonus!

Also, avoid side hustle like multi-level marketing (MLM). These may also sound too good to be true – often someone who works for an MLM company will approach you and want you to get involved.

This is because the more people that get on board, the more money they can earn! Again, if someone tells you stories about how they’ve made thousands of pounds through social media, it’s probably too good to be true!

think about taxes

The rules for this tip differ for each country, but if you’re making money, you’ll most likely need Paying taxes. Find out what you might have to pay and how to set yourself up as a contributor, and be sure to save some of your earnings for this purpose.

Don’t take too much at once

While all of the side hustles listed above are good income, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed if you take them all at once. Start with the one you think will fit you best; For example, if you have a lot of clothes you don’t wear, sell them at vintage could be the best starter.

So, you could move on to others. If you’re worried about your salary covering the rising cost of living, start some of these great side jobs to earn a little extra money each month.

While they may not make you a fortune, having that little bit of extra money each month could help with peace of mind and ensure you can continue to buy the things you love, even when prices are rising.

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