Trump trading cards got us thinking: Is it sad? Desperate? Or a time to be selfless? –

Americans learned Thursday that Donald Trump going into the digital business card businessan ad that made the internet laugh and even some ardent Trump supporters shaking head.

three members of the USA TODAY Opinion The team had a few thoughts on this strange development:

Digital trading cards for people who love losers and losing!

Have you ever wanted to throw $99 into a fire, only to watch it burn?

Well, you’re in luck. Former President Donald Trump, a leading candidate for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination (and for federal impeachment), made what it called an “IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT” on Thursday: is selling $99 Cartoony Digital Trading Cards which show him in various states of ridiculousness.

All of the cards feature a noticeably slimmer version of Trump, with the exception of his hands, which appear larger than his actual mouse-paw-like gloves. One has the man who was somehow president of the United States of America in superhero gear with lasers shooting out of his eyes. Another shows him wearing a cowboy hat and what looks like a military uniform. And one that should carry a “may cause a gag reflex” warning shows him winking.

Trump is clearly playing with him. “Dark Brandon” Superhero Meme liberals used to joke about the successes of President Joe Biden. But the Biden team didn’t create that meme, and they certainly didn’t try to monetize it.

Having already declared his candidacy for president, Trump’s (by himself) highly publicized announcement piqued the curiosity of supporters and critics alike. When we found out that it was simply the announcement of Trump’s latest lucrative tactic, the reaction was, for fans, a bit of sad trombone, and for critics, about 20 minutes of non-stop laughter.

Trump and his MAGA movement are over: The Republicans need their version of Biden.

Computer screen displaying former President Donald Trump’s newly released digital trading card collection, as revealed in an online ad on his platform on December 15, 2022.

Has it come to this? A twice-indicted former president who incited an attack on our nation’s Capitol and refused to participate in the peaceful transfer of power, a man facing multiple state and federal investigations, has been reduced to smugness. NFTss. (I wish that meant No More Wins.)

It’s funny unless you think about the thousands of Trump loyalists who will buy these soon-to-be-useless digital things as Christmas presents, giving more of their hard-earned money to a man who… well, a man who thinks it’s worthy of being on overpriced digital trading cards.

–Rex Huppke

Trump takes a bad week and becomes a superhero

If most of us had the kind of month former President Donald Trump has had, we might consider hiding in bed or burying our heads in the sand.

Not Trump. He has taken some mediocre events and survey numbers …and became a superhero with laser eyes.

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The latest “major announcement” from Trump that most people had ignored turned out to be the release of some “must-have” digital trading cards featuring the former president as a cowboy and astronaut, among other things.

And obviously, these cards aren’t cheap at $99 each. The more you buy, the better your chances of getting other “prizes” like dinner with Trump himself.

I admit it’s funny, but this all sounds hopeless to me. Triumph it’s already behind in fundraising, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis leading the way some of the big donors who used to endorse Trump.

And several polls this week, including one from USA TODAY — shows that Trump is falling behind in support, with two-thirds of Republican and Republican voters lining up behind DeSantis in a hypothetical 2024 game.

Who is the fan? ‘Inclusive’ restaurant rejects Christian group for their beliefs.

On November 15, 2022, Donald Trump announces his third attempt to become President of the United States at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida.

Trump must also be reeling from how poorly his anointed candidates did in the recent midterm elections. Even ardent Trump supporters have realized it’s time for him to go.

All this news must drive Trump crazy. But no matter how much he wants to be the superhero, it doesn’t seem like the American people are buying him.

–Ingrid Jacques

How about you give your money to me instead of Trump?

So you want to spend $100 on obviously top-notch digital images of a person you greatly admire and want them to take control of things?

Good news, I am that person. For $100 you could be the proud owner of two selfies that I created with the help of a random program that took my selfie and spat out this art. Here’s a sample of the quality you can expect:

That’s how it is. I’m giving you two for the price of one because in this economy, who in his right mind would spend $100 for a bad attempt at Photoshop when he could have two masterpieces.

Can we be honest? It’s time to hide social media and the billionaires who run it.

And honestly, what’s the difference? My way of sending $100 to someone whose job it is to at least pretend to care about our democracy and do things that might help it.

The other way to send $100 to someone who recently suggested do away with the constitution and did everything possible to incite a riot in hopes of nullifying an election.

Tough decision, I know.

Luis Villalobos

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