TVSurf X96 Reviews-Device that will Really Revolution Our TV

TVSurf X96TVSurf X96 Reviews: A device called TVSurf X96 attracts a lot of attention on the web. It claims to be better than a Chromecast for getting online content on its television. What raise big suspicions.

Cutting the cable is something that many are considering or have already done when the costs are made too high for some.

With the many video services on the web like Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube and others, it is no longer necessary for some people to keep paying for posts they no longer listen to.

TVSurf X96 Reviews: Little Intro About The Product

With this new reality, Google, Amazon, Apple and company have launched devices like Chromecast , Fire TV , Roku or Apple TV that allow us to enjoy these online video services directly on our television.

Obviously this fashion does not escape certain companies which claim to have a revolutionary device as it is the case with the TVSurf X96.

TVSurf X96 device that looks like a scam

TVSurf X96 ReviewsWe see ads everywhere on the web and on Facebook of the TVSurf X96 Antenna device. A device like Google’s Chromecast allows us to stream content from any device to our TV.

Not only are the functions similar, but the device literally seems to be a copy and paste of the Chromecast.

I admit, no, I haven’t tested the TVSurf X96 Caster. The reason is simple, I find that the product and the site smell like a scam.

How many times have we seen revolutionary television antenna announcements? These are constantly changing names, TV Fox, TV Scout, TV Surf and all of them have proven to be scams when most people never receive it or find that it doesn’t work as well as promised.

claims to be better than the Chromcast for television.

The TVSurf X96 seems to me to be in the same mold. When we arrive on their site, we see a “review” of a product where we are told that it is better than a Chromecast. How? ‘Or’ What? We don’t know that, but the experience is so cool!

Basically it describes everything that a Chromecast can do, which is to project the content of our phone, tablet and computer screens on our television. The configuration is the same as the Chromecast and in terms of technical specifications it is literally written that we do not want to be bored with that.

Montello you say About TVSurf X96?

A little research allows us to see that some literally speak of scam .

Frankly if you’re interested in all of these features, don’t take a chance and get a Chromecast directly from Google. Not only is the Chromecast cheaper than the TVSurf X96, but you are also sure to have a device that will really work and that will really be delivered to you. a device that will really revolutionize our TV?