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Like it’s a heist action movie, a group of thieves stole five luxury cars valued at more than $858,000 in just 60 seconds.

The events occurred on November 11 in Essex, a county in the United Kingdom, but the authorities this week released the videos of the robbery in order to recover the vehicles that the thieves took.


The moment of the robbery was captured in one of the videos of the security cameras of the place. According to local media, all five cars were at an industrial unit on Brentwood Road the night of the robbery when subjects entered after 4:30 in the morning.

“Officers were called to an industrial unit on Brentwood Road in Bulphan after midnight on November 11 following reports of the theft of five luxury cars,” authorities said.

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County police reported that the subjects entered the place, cut the padlocks and other security elements of the main door and then proceeded to quickly remove the vehicles.

In the clip of the moment you can see that the thieves lined up the cars. Then, one of the thieves held the door to facilitate the exit of the vehicles and, when they had already left the place, he got into one of the Mercedes to make a quick escape.

The thieves took a Ariel Atom vehiclewhich according to the British newspaper Sun East valued at at least 60,000 pounds, that is, more than 354 million pesos.

They also took a Mercedes G-Wagon, with a price of more than 120,000 pounds the pound sterling (more than 711 million Colombian pesos), a Porsche Cayennea Porsche 911 Carrera and Mercedes Maybachall the cars between 89,000 and the 150,000 pounds pound sterling.

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One of the stolen vehicles in the UK.

Thus, according to the authorities, total theft amounts to over £700,000 (more than 4,100 million Colombian pesos).

Essex Police said the Mercedes Maybach vehicle has now been recovered, but they are working to find the other cars.

“We call on anyone who has witnessed something or who may have security camera or car footage, including stolen cars, to contact us,” authorities requested.


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