Vatican expels anti-abortion priest for blasphemy

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The Vatican expelled an American priest who opposes abortion, Frank Pavone, for what it called “blasphemous communications on social media” as well as “persistent disobedience” by his bishop.

A letter to the US bishops from the Vatican’s ambassador to the US, Archbishop Christophe Pierre, obtained Sunday, says the decision against Pavone, who heads the anti-abortion group Priests for Life, was made on 9 November and that there was no chance. for an appeal.

Pavone had been under investigation by his then diocese of Amarillo, Texas, for placing an aborted fetus on an altar and posting a video of it on two social media sites in 2016. He posts frequently about American politics and abortion, and the video of the aborted fetus was accompanied by a post saying that Hillary Clinton and the Democratic platform would allow abortion to continue and that Donald Trump and the Republican platform want to protect unborn children.

Pavone remains a staunch supporter of Trump: His Twitter account shows him wearing a cap that reads “MAGA” and a background photo of the former US president, who many conservatives praise for his Supreme Court nominees who overturned the landmark decision that guaranteed the constitutional right to abortion in the United States.

In a Sunday tweet, Pavone was defiant, comparing her fate to that of the unborn.

“So in all professions, including the priesthood, if you stand up for the #unborn, you will be treated like them! The only difference is that when we are “aborted,” we keep talking, loud and clear.”

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