Verenice Ontiveros died in a car accident: How did Verenice Ontiveros die? Reason behind loss of lives and extra

Verenice Ontiveros, digital creator and owner of Dreamy Beauté by V LLC, passed away on Sunday, November 20 following a car accident in Dallas, Texas.

How did Verenice Ontiveros die?

Amanda Moreno from Dallas, Texas wrote in a tribute shared on Facebook: “I actually don’t come or post on social media anymore, but this one really hit close to home. Verenice Ontiveros not only blessed my life, but she greatly blessed my best friend’s life and brought her pure happiness and comfort. The childhood we shared together again in the central faculty holds memories that I still keep in mind to this day. The connection we shared was kind of a bond where they just come every year and look at each other and think about their online business. You have been such a brilliant little soul and a GRINDER! An admirable and inspiring role model to all young women in the beauty industry, you will be sorely missed. I have other photos I could post, but this one served as the beginning of our friendship and will never be forgotten.”

What was your reason behind the loss of life?

On Sunday, November 20, Verenice Ontiveros was killed in a car accident in Dallas, Texas. The precise reason behind the accident is unknown at this time, however, it is believed that she succumbed to the accidents she suffered due to the collision. Verenice Ontiveros will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved her. We extend our deepest condolences to her family and associates during this difficult time.

Who was Verenice Ontiveros?

Amanda Moreno is a seasoned business savvy owner of Dreamy Beauté by V LLC. She has described Verenice Ontiveros as a “brilliant little soul” who is an admirable and motivational role model for other young women in the industry. Moreno wrote that Ontiveros is a “grinder” who always does his best to manage others, and she promised to return the favor by taking good care of Ontiveros in her time of need. Moreno thanked Ontiveros for the joy that she has brought to everyone around her and for being a good supportive friend of hers. It’s clear that Moreno cares deeply for Ontiveros and sees her as a vital figure in the beauty community.

The family will quickly announce the loss of Verenice Ontiveros’s life and the fine print of her funeral.

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