Vittert: Extreme candidates out of touch with voters –

(NewsNation) — The unexpected results of the midterm elections, where Democrats managed to retain control of the Senate and Republicans have a smaller-than-expected majority in the House, hold lessons for both parties.

NewsNation’s Leland Vittert joined “Morning in America” ​​to discuss what the results mean for both parties. One is that extremist politicians appear to be out of touch with voters.

“The normal Republican candidates, not the election deniers, not the abortion absolutists, necessarily, not the people who are staunch supporters of Donald Trump, did pretty well,” Vittert said.

As for the Democrats, Vittert said there is still plenty of time for things to change in the next two years. But former President Donald Trump’s recent announcement that he will run for president again could play into his favor.

“But certainly the Democrats feel emboldened and feel that they have the ability to take on Trump or a Trump-like candidate. Anybody they can deal with Trump is their best chance,” Vittert said.

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