Volodimir Zelensky mocked Putin with a joke about the Russian invasion of Ukraine Code List

The Ukrainian president was interviewed by David Letterman for a Netflix special

The President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelenskytold a joke to make fun of Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin’s propaganda against NATO that seeks to hide the failure of the invasion of Ukraine, during an interview with the American journalist and humorist David Letterman issued in Netflix.

—“Two Jews meet in Odessa. One asks the other: ‘And how is the situation there? What do they say?’” Zelensky, a popular former comedian who is also Jewish, started the joke from him.

“Well, what do they say? They say there is war”, says the other.

-“What a war?”.

—”Russia is at war with NATO.”

-“In fact?”.

“Yes, the war. Russia is fighting NATO.”

“And what are the results?”

—”70 thousand Russian soldiers were killed. The missiles are running out. A large amount of military equipment of the Russian Federation was destroyed and blown up. This is the situation”.

—“And NATO?”

-“NATO? NATO hasn’t arrived yet.”

Zelensky44, also assured that he is not yet ready to know what will come when the war ends, although he said that what he would like most is “go to the sea and have a few beers”.

In the kyiv interview with Letterman, recorded in a metro station in the Ukrainian capital, Zelensky also spoke about the war his country is experiencing and the suffering of citizens since the Russian invasion began on February 24.

Asked by Letterman about his future and the future of Ukraine, the president said that “I’m likely to continue to hold the presidency, although we’re not really thinking about what’s next, I’m not ready” yet, he said.

“But I would love to go to the sea, the truth is, I’m dying to see the sea and have a beer,” he confessed to the Indiana journalist in the interview, broadcast by Netflixwithin the series called “No introduction needed: with David Letterman and Volodimir Zelensky”.

“Let’s imagine that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin catches a cold and dies or accidentally falls out of a window, do you think this will continue?” Letterman asked Zelensky in reference to the invasion.

“Nopethere would be no war, there would be no”The president responded before describing the Russian regime as authoritarian and “dangerous” because it is supported by a single person who controls absolutely everything.

During the Interview the sirens sounded warning of the possibility of a Russian bombardment: “Unfortunately, that indicates that war is normal, and I believe that war should not be something normal and it seems that way to us because we are getting used to hearing the sirens,” lamented Zelensky.

Sirens sound during the interview between Zelensky and Letterman

During the meeting, the Ukrainian president confessed that the He lives the most pleasant moments of the day when he can talk on the phone with his wife and two children who, he said, already know almost more about the war than he himself.

The one who was a popular comedian before assuming the presidency of the country, also defined himself as a “normal man” who does normal things but dedicates 24 hours a day to managing the war and his country, although, he jokes, “I also like to eat”.

He reiterated that the war will not end until Russia, which has become a “empty symbol”, do not abandon the Ukrainian territories that you have conquered: “Only then will the war end”, he reiterated.

It is not, therefore, about “freezing the conflict, people die at the front, even if it is far from here (kyiv), the war is everywhere and it will finish us off until the Russians leave.”

(With information from EFE)

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