We will give Abuja his rights, quotes – Atiku

Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar has told the people of Abuja that when he is voted into power he will give them all their rights and appointments.

Atiku also said that he will support the constitutional revision and that the aspirations of the people of Abuja are protected and guaranteed in a revised constitution if they vote for him again.

Atiku made the pledge during the party’s presidential rally in Abuja on Saturday.

The former vice president said: “All your rights under the current constitution, all the appointments that belong to Abuja will be given to Abuja. You know we’ve done it before and we’re going to do it again.

“If what you have demanded requires a constitutional review, we assure you that we will support that constitutional review so that your aspirations are protected and guaranteed in our new constitution.

The PDP presidential candidate further promised, “we will restructure this country, and in the process of restructuring, we will give them everything they are demanding. I assure you and I promise you.

He said the country is currently experiencing challenges, imagining Abuja, the federal capital unsecured, adding: “we will protect Abuja and secure it for its own security.

He reminded people of his five-point agenda by saying, “We will unify this country. Every part of this country will be given a sense of belonging. No part will be marginalized, no part will be marginalized. This is how to bring a sense of unity to a country like Nigeria.

He noted: “We have pledged to restore security, it is very essential that we give peace to everyone. Only when there is peace can we undertake our different aspirations.

He stressed that the people of Abuja, before anyone feels the impact of the government, will be the first because they are in the federal capital promising that a PDP administration will fulfill all these obligations. We really appreciate it.

Earlier, PDP National Chairman Dr. Iyorchia Ayu rebuked the APC All Progressives Congress-led government and that some people living in Abuja have been forced to return to their villages due to the suffering they face.

“When Atiku Abubakar returns as president, he will continue from where he left off. He was the vice president in charge of the national economy under former president Obasanjo, so he knows what to do.

“We don’t want an experimental president, we don’t want a president who comes along and fools you and doesn’t know what to do. You know we woke up one day here in Abuja and we were threatened that the whole of Abuja was going to be attacked, insecurity is affecting everyone. In fact, many of you across the country cannot travel to your home states because the roads are blocked by bandits.

“Give this country back to the PDP and see what we’ll do for you.

Ayu also chided how the incumbent government made the cost of living unbearable for Nigerians.

He revealed: “Nigeria is the most borrowed country in the world. That means that everyone in Abuja is suffering, in particular. The construction of houses that the PPD was doing rapidly has practically stopped. The cost of building materials is so enormous.

He further said: “More importantly, vote for our President Atiku Abubakar, because he knows what you are going through, all the citizens of Abuja are suffering.

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