‘Welcome to Chippendales’ Episode 5 Recap: ‘Leeches’ Highlights Steve’s Jealousy Over Others’ Success

The tension between Nick and Steve really starts to rise in the hulu The original Welcome to Chippendales episode 5, “Leeches,” and viewers begin to see the extent of Steve’s emotional immaturity. At this point, he can’t stand anyone else getting credit for anything Chippendales related, and Nick uses this to annoy Steve. while we know Steve is the true villain of this story., it’s hard not to sympathize a little with him when it comes to Nick. Here’s our rundown of everything going on at Welcome to Chippendales Episode 5, “Leechs”.

[WARNING: This article contains detailed spoilers regarding Welcome to Chippendales Episode 5, “Leeches.”]

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