What does Bad Bunny smell like? Fan narrates his experience with the singer Code List


the Bad Bunny concerts in Mexico were involved in various controversies, such as the fake ticket saleswhich left thousands of fans out of the shows.

Similarly, there were fans who expressed their disappointment on social media and said that the show of the boricua artist It wasn’t that spectacular for what it was worth.

The most recent case is that of a fan who shared her experience going up to dance with the musician.

The fan posted about her. tik tok account (@heyitsmayrin) a video talking about her experience on stage during the concert in Monterrey, and said that she was not sure if she was the one they chose to go on stage. sceneryBut that didn’t stop him from enjoying the moment.

The young woman reported that bad bunny He invited her up on stage after seeing her while she was riding on her boyfriend’s shoulders. At that moment, she prepared to go on stage with several problems, because the people and her security body did not allow her to pass.

However, after the girl mentioned to the logistics of the event that it was she who Bad Bunny invited to go on stage, they finally let her continue. already on stage The tiktoker confessed that she felt very nervous.

“He holds out his hand to me. BenedictHis hands are very soft, I think he doesn’t do anything, and he turns me around and I don’t know how to turn like that. Everyone saw it, she noticed it, and I said ‘I’ve already lost my opportunity to dance cool’ and well no. Everything went well, ”he recounted in the video.

without smell

One of the most particular questions he was asked before going on stage was about how the artist smelled. The young woman stated that she felt “disappointed” after realizing this.

“After that, I said, ‘I didn’t hug him,’ and then he hugged us. and I smelled it from the jacket, because I also wanted to know what it smelled like. I was a little disappointed, because it didn’t smell like anything, it didn’t even smell like sweat, it didn’t smell like perfume. I didn’t really smell or smell anything, the other girl says it smelled beautiful, but I didn’t smell it,” explained the Mexican.

The video got more than 220,000 views, 17,000 ‘likes’ and 79 comments.

Several netizens who claimed to have gone to the concert said they were excited to have been close to her at that time: “And we were next to her! We are also excited because Benedict I saw that area”, wrote one of them.

With information from La Prensa Gráfica and El Tiempo of Colombia.


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