What fast food places will be open for Christmas 2022? – Elinformelocal.in

(NEXSTAR) — If you’re on the go this Christmas, or just skipping the traditional house party for something a little quicker, you probably know your options are limited. While many restaurants will close their doors on December 25, there are some that are still accepting patrons during the holidays.

To save you the hassle of searching for those restaurants, here’s a list of the major fast food chains and restaurants that will remain open, and some that will close, for Christmas 2022.

Please note that hours may vary by location.

boston market

Participating Boston Market locations will be open by Christmas, according to the company’s statement. website


king of burgers

Hours may vary by location, a Burger King representative tells Nexstar. You can check the local time online here.


Known for being “always open,” Denny’s will be open for Christmas.

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