What Motorbike Weight Should Beginners Choose?

It is a common illusion that you need to be big or muscular to handle a motorcycle. So, if you are a beginner with an average height or build, do not give up on your dream of owning one because of fear. However, you need to have some strength to stay safe on the road. 

If you are in the market for Triumph motorcycles in Sydney, what is the best weight for you? There are several designs and styles to choose from. You have the street bike, the scrambler, and the much bigger cruiser with its V-twin engine.

If you are intimidated by the size, there are a number of bikes that weigh between 300 and 400 pounds. For example, the Triumph scrambler weighs around 400 pounds, much like its street or classic series. They also feature a low seat, which is excellent for driving around the city. Bigger touring bikes, meanwhile, will go up to 1,000 pounds. With enough experience, you can still have fun with the bigger displacement motorbikes. 

Generally, bikes with lower displacements tend to be smaller and lighter. For example, a 250 cc bike will typically weigh around 350 pounds. The cc here refers to the cubic centimeter, which outlines the engine’s cylinder volume. But a 250 cc bike can also weigh over 400 pounds. 

Here is a quick guide of the displacement and the average weight of the motorbike:

  1. A 1300cc motorcycle will weigh around 500 to 650 pounds
  2. A 1200cc motorcycle will weigh around 500 to 600 pounds
  3. A 1000 to 1100cc motorcycle will weigh around 400-500 pounds
  4. A 800 to 900cc motorcycle will weigh around 430 pounds
  5. A 600cc motorcycle will weigh around 400 to 450 pounds 
  6. A 500cc motorcycle will weigh around 400 to 410 pounds
  7. A 300cc motorcycle will weigh around 350 pounds
  8. A 250cc motorcycle will weigh around 350 pounds

Although those are the estimated numbers according to the displacement size, there are other factors that will affect the overall weight. For instance, a scrambler and a street motorcycle might have the same displacement of 900cc, but they will not weigh the same. 

One factor is the functionality, which also impacts on the features and style of the bike. For example, a street bike will definitely weigh more than an off-roader. The latter needs to shed off the excess weight so the rider can maneuver tough terrains, hilly ascents, and muddy roads. You want it light so you can have more control. For comparison, a dirt bike would be 300 pounds or less compared to a street cruiser that can weigh around 450 pounds.

Also, cruisers and scramblers typically have more features that will make them attractive to potential buyers. But it also means that they would be heavier than the bare minimum requirements of a dirt bike, which would be torque and horsepower. The touring bike would be the heaviest because the manufacturer prioritizes comfort and balance for long rides.

Beginners can definitely start with the street and scrambler series from Triumph motorcycles in Sydney due to improved control and comfort. They are well-suited for street cruising, but you can take them off-roading, as well.

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