What Should You Know Before going for a New Car Protection in Sydney?

Sydneysiders love buying the latest car models. Going on road trips to exotic locations like the Kangaroo Valley or Kiama, located a few hours away from Sydney, in your new car can be the ideal way to enjoy its luxuries.

But before you start your journey, it would be best to ensure your vehicle is in good condition, even if you have purchased it recently. Leading experts in new car protection in Sydney offer the best services with a lifetime warranty, covering all the essential aspects of your new vehicle to keep it in top form.

Before engaging a specialist, here’s what you should know about a new car protection service in the capital city.

What is Ceramic Coating?

According to a recent report, Sydney ranks 5th among major cities with poor air quality. With particulate matter and ozone being the primary pollutants, the residents’ exposure to these perils accounts for 1.6% to 2.9% of total annual fatalities.

Quality ceramic coating is a protective layer that can ensure an extended lifetime for various aspects of your new car, including paint, fabric, leather, glass, and wheels. Once applied to the surface, owing to its defensive capabilities, it guards your new car against potential environmental and chemical pollutants.

Top consultants use this Nano-Ceramic formula, a liquid-based polymer with a 9H hardness on the Mohs scale.

The Need for New Car Protection with Ceramic Coating

A few years ago, Sydney recorded four of the ten highest UV index days of the past decade, with on average 40 days having a UV Index of 11 or more.

When you live in regions exposed to such high UV radiations, your vehicle can get affected, whether it’s the paint or the leather interiors.

Top professionals offer advanced services such as new car protection in Sydney. It involves a range of ceramic coating solutions formulated by a qualified chemist for automotive substrates, ensuring your new car remains shielded.

The Best Offered Ceramic Coating

Leading Sydney service providers recommend the Ceramic Pro range, which is highly durable, forming a permanent adhesion on the surface.

The high-quality ceramic coating does not allow dirt, brake dust, or tar to stick to your car parts, thus avoiding the need for waxing.

Is A New Car Protection Service Worth It?

In Sydney and Greater Sydney, about 58% of the households own two or more vehicles. When you are such a household, you will require a protection solution that is both cost-effective and long-lasting to manage your cars within a fixed budget.

With ceramic coating, you can extend the lifetime of your recently acquired possession at a fair price, making the service a worthy investment.

What Does A New Car Protection Service Include?

In recent years, with Sydney’s 11 dams having a total water level of just 50%, the capital city has faced drought-like situations. In such scenarios, washing your car can be challenging. It is one of the aspects where the new car protection service can be of great help.

Since the service involves utilizing the latest Ceramic Nanotechnology, the protective coating is chemical, UV, and thermal resistant, with a hydrophobic effect. While such features ensure adequate protection, you will require very little water to remove the grime off your car surface and interiors for retaining its showroom gleam.

Top specialists in Sydney offer state-of-the-art new car protection services involving paint, interior, glass, and alloy protection. Some also manage window tinting as part of the service.

Find A Reputed Service Provider

No matter which new car you purchase, consult a new car protection service provider in Sydney. Rest assured, your vehicle will have an alluring glossy appearance to it for years together as if it just got rolled out of a factory.

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