What to Wear With Denim Jeans

You can never go wrong with denim jeans. They are a favourite across all genders and age. The pants are durable and stylish. And truth to tell, it can last a lot longer than your last failed relationship. It sometimes outlives the waistline of the wearer, and even when it does not fit anymore, it is still as tough and resilient as the first wash. The reason is that comfort surpasses fashion. Wear it with a simple shirt or killer boots, and you still look good. 

There is an overwhelming number of jeans in brick-and-mortar stores and online shops. So how do you know what pair suits you best?

Know your body type.

The first step to denim jeans success is knowing what pants are perfect for your body frame. It is your key to the perfect all-around pants. Both males and females have a type – pear, hourglass, tall, straight or column, curvy, and petite. 

Pears have larger hips and thighs as compared to their bust, so there should be a balance with shapes. The waist of the hourglass defines both top and bottom, and it is the same for the person with this body type. Tall figures are long-legged, and your lean shape should be shared with the world. Columns or straight shapes look athletic, but when dressed incorrectly will make them appear masculine. The curvy shape should never be hidden, so show off whenever possible. Those with slender frames have a 5’3 or below height. 

Skinny jeans

These pants have a flatteringly snug fit and are easy to wear. It can make your legs look slim and highlight curves at the same time. The body types well-suited for this pair are the hourglass, curvy, and straight or column. It is also good for the petite ones, provided that it comes in either low-waist or mid-rise styles. Since most of these are black or dark blue, light coloured footwear and tops are perfect pairs. Pair it with a white and flowy shirt to make you look classy and elegant.

Boyfriend jeans 

The cut is meant to be relaxing with it’s-the-weekend vibe. Pears and the hourglasses are the best body types for the boyfriend jeans. The key to wearing this right is to define the waist. Do not hide your middle since it will balance out the weight of your slightly oversized pants. 

Ripped jeans 

Decades ago, you were considered a rebel if you wore ripped jeans. But nowadays, these denim jeans are meant to create an edgy, grunge fashion look. Sophisticated tops such as a turtleneck sweater or blazer compliments well with these pants.

High-waisted (or mom) jeans 

Mom jeans are a comfy yet stylish pair of straight-leg style pants. When it is high-waisted, it cinches the waist, and it creates the illusion of having an hourglass figure and long legs. Body frames for this kind would be curvy, tall, straight or column, and the hourglass. Tops made out of satin or lightweight cotton and feminine-looking blouses are perfect match-ups to this denim. If you want to look more youthful, wear them with high heels and big tote bags to perfect the look. 

Cropped jeans 

Do you feel that your jeans are a bit lacking in height? Fear not, for the cropped jeans are back in style. Pears, hourglasses, and the curvy ones would benefit the most from this denim. A comfy, relaxed top with flat closed-toe shoes are the perfect complements for a fun weekend outfit. Just make sure that the hems are about an inch or two from your ankles. 

Most people believe that function is more important than form, and the fashion world believes in that as well. But with denim jeans, you can have the best of both worlds. 


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