What Tony Romo said during Kansas City’s loss to Cincinnati about the Chiefs as a dynasty – Thelocalreport.in

Tony Romo and Jim Nantz work in the CBS broadcast booth

CBS analyst Tony Romo explained during the first quarter of Cincinnati win 27-24 on Sunday against Kansas City who sees the Chiefs as a “dynasty in the making.”

“Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes – they have a 10-win season win streak of eight in a row, okay,” Romo said during the broadcast. “The only teams that have ever done that: Brady/Belichick Patriots. The 49ers with Walsh/Seifert/Montana/Young. Peyton Manning and Dungy. Staubach and Landry. And then you have Andy Reid and Mahomes. This is literally rare territory, with a great, great coach and a dynamic quarterback. Here you have. You’re looking at a dynasty.”

“One win away from another 10-win season, they could get it done today,” added play-by-play announcer Jim Nantz.

of course they I didn’t understand it on Sundayfalling to 9-3 like the Buffalo Bills moved into position for AFC first round bye.

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This article originally appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer: Tony Romo spoke about the Chiefs’ dynasty during Kansas City’s loss to the Bengals

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