What will you do if your marriage loses its spark?

Our correspondent talks to couples about possible actions they will take if they experience boredom in their marriages.

I will continue to show love to my partner. olutola sunday

When the marriage is not going as usual, it must be due to some factors. Those factors will weigh down love. If I find myself in such a situation, I will make sure to continue to affirm the toast of love to my partner. I’ll let her feel my way. I will show him love because if I don’t, it will always make matters worse. I’ll keep giving it to cheer her up.

We will talk to find a solution: Barakat Ibrahim

I will not fight him, but I will continue to watch what is happening. If he always cared about me and suddenly changed, I would have to talk to him to find out what happened. I’ll let him know what changed in him, and for his part, he should be willing to talk about it. If he gives sensible reasons, there is nothing we will find to solve the problem. But if it continues, there is definitely something hidden behind it. Perhaps, he is having an extramarital affair with someone.

The discussion will help us – Benjamin Popoola

I will look for the causes and if part of me. Sometimes women change their ways in a marriage. Some of them are driven by different talks and the advice they get from some people. We will continue what we used to do together in the past. But if that’s not happening, it could mean that we’ve probably lost interest in each other. I’ll talk to her and explain things about what has really changed in her.

I’ll bring it up to find a solution. Oluwabukunmi Lawal

One needs to study the signs to know the problems. I have to know if the problem is mine. I will also apologize and remind you of what we shared. I will also let you know that I no longer feel the vibes that we used to treasure. I wouldn’t complain about the situation, but I’ll make sure to bring it up in such a romantic way to resolve the issue.

Communication is vital in this situation – Moses Benjamin

Everything must start from the foundation of the marriage. I guess husband and wife should be the best of friends before they get married. It’s not just about marriage as we would have been friends before we got married. I believe that the renewal of love every day and communication are vital. We don’t have to hide anything from each other. If a spouse steps on their partner’s toes, which is always inevitable in a marriage, they need not keep it to themselves or else it will lead to malice.

We will relive memories fatima muse

Communication is important in unions. I will have to discuss the issue with my spouse. There’s no need to hide what’s already there other than spending more time together, like going out to dinner and stuff we did before the kids came along and other responsibilities. Since there won’t be much time to do those things we used to do; I think it’s important to find a way to awaken the marriage. We will try to make them to return the spark to our marriage.

We’ll both work it out kazeem omotosho

Although some marriages reach that stage, both spouses need to listen carefully to each other. Partners should not take each other for granted. The husband has to become attached to his wife and give her more attention. This is applicable to both of them and they should not harbor malice. They should try to date each other and they should both think about the past. They both have to work on the marriage to make sure it doesn’t lead to divorce.

I will increase attention, care – faith simon

I will try to find where the problem comes from. I must know the reason why the spark is no longer there. Communication is essential in every marriage. Then questions should be asked to find out how best to handle the situation. Good gifts and surprises will also help. You should not limit yourself to buying gifts only. In such a situation, it is important to stick to each other. I will increase attention, care, and love because that is what makes marriage enjoyable. These little things that we often neglect have enriched many a marriage.

I will draw your attention to the subject – yusuf isiaka

Some things must have happened if my spouse wasn’t like this before. I’ll have to call her and discuss the problem with her. I will let her know that a few things have changed on her part. I will know if I have offended her or not. The marriage could eventually collapse if one decides to be insensitive on the subject, so after discussing it with her and it still persists, it could mean that she is no longer interested in me and the marriage.

I’ll make amends if I’m wrong hanifat alimi

I believe that understanding is the most important thing in marriage. As long as there is no cheating in a union, a marriage cannot experience such a situation. But eventually it happens, a good woman will do whatever she can to make it work again. I’ll think about what I used to do that spiced up the marriage I stopped. After identifying that, I will surely make adjustments. Even if you refuse to tell me, I will do my best to find the source of the problem and find a solution.

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