What’s in the latest aid package for Ukraine? – Elinformelocal.in

(NewsNation) — When Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy visited the White House, the US announced it would send an additional $1.8 billion in a military assistance package.

Here’s a look at what the Pentagon will send to help the Ukrainians as they continue to push back Russian troops in a protracted conflict that began in February.

Patriot air defense system

Zelenskyy has been calling for a Patriot system for months, as Russian bombers have launched repeated attacks on Ukrainian cities. The Patriot is a surface-to-air guided missile system that can be used to defend against aircraft, cruise missiles, and shorter-range ballistic missiles.

A Patriot battery includes a truck-mounted launch system with eight launchers that can house up to four missile interceptors each, ground-based radar, control station, and generator.

Financing for Satellite Communications Terminals and Services

The money from the satellite would act as a hedge against the possibility of Elon Musk threatening to stop funding them again. Musk shipped the first Starlink terminals to Ukraine just days after Russia invaded in February, and as of October there were more than 2,200 of the low-orbit satellites providing broadband internet to Ukraine.

In October, he asked the Pentagon to take over the costs of operating Starlink in Ukraine, tweeting that it was costing SpaceX $20 million a month to meet the country’s communications needs.

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