WhatsApp introduces a new feature that lets you send messages to yourself

The instant messaging platform, WhatsApphas announced a new feature that allows users to send messages to themselves.

The new feature, which will be officially available soon, is called message yourself. It will allow users to send messages to their accounts.

This will be useful for messages like to-do lists, reminders, or draft messages to be sent later. WhatsApp says the feature will roll out to Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. Auto-chat can also be pinned and archived.

How to use: According to the Mata-owned platform, users will see their contact at the top of the WhatsApp contact list when they create a new chat. Tapping on that contact will take you to the chat screen that you can use to send messages to yourself.

To use this feature, first, open WhatsApp and create a new chat, your contact will be visible at the top of the list, then click on their number, then start messaging each other. It will be reflected in the app when updating it from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store upon launch.

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Not entirely new: Although the native feature for sending messages to yourself is new to WhatsApp, some users have already been using a workaround for some time. You could already message yourself using the app’s “click to chat” feature.

  • However, the new offering eliminates the extra steps users needed to auto-chat using the URL wa.me.
  • This feature is also available on other platforms like Microsoft Teams and rival WhatsApp. Sign.
  • Telegram also offers a similar feature called Saved Messages that allows users to bookmark any important messages, as well as save their notes and reminders that can be accessed in the future.

The news continues after this announcement.

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