Who Follows Who On Instagram

How Can I Monitor My Ex On Instagram Without Getting Caught

Want to indulge in some harmless stalking? Want to know what your ex is up to lately? 

Then tracking their Instagram account without making the whole thing awkward and creepy is one way to get things done your way. But, make sure you don’t delve deep if you are doing it for fun, and just for the sake of “knowing what is going on in his or her life” then it is fine.  

Well, now it is really easy to find out who follows who on Instagram – so here’s to quenching your curiosity. Find out how you can monitor your ex on Instagram without landing in a soup!

  • You can open your “Finsta” account. Basically “finsta” is Fun+Insta = Finsta. Kids use these fake accounts to share silly or non-serious or memes or even offensive content sometimes. But is it worth it? Creating a fake account just to see what your ex-lover is doing on Instagram? Ask yourself. However, if you decide to do it anyway, you can follow your ex to stalk his or her stories and posts without getting caught.
  • Some tracking applications will allow you to see a story on a web browser but you won’t get caught because your visit won’t get registered. If you want you can download the story as well. At the same time, you must be aware of the fact that your browser is in incognito mode and you mustn’t be signed in to Instagram. 
  • If you accidentally like something, just visit the account settings and check for “posts you have liked”, suppose you want to unlike the post you have just liked, click on “posts you have liked”, posts will appear from there you can unlike the post easily. Always be cautious while stalking someone because the Instagram notification might disappear but the phone notification remains when you like or unlike any post. 

If you must stalk, do it like a pro without leaving any footprint… but we want you to be happy after all, so coming to terms with whatever happened, detoxing your soul and mind and moving on is perhaps the best solution. 


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