Who is Lilia Paredes, the wife of former President Pedro Castillo who received asylum in Mexico (and why she is being investigated in Peru) Code List

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Lilia Paredes with members of her family during a breakfast in the second round of the June 2021 presidential election, in Chota, Peru.

From an elementary school teacher to the first lady of Peru and, from there, to the asylum in Mexico, going through a web of accusations against her and her family.

This has been the last year and a half of Lilia Paredes, wife of former President Pedro Castillo, detained since December 7 accused of rebellion after trying to dissolve the Peruvian Congress and being dismissed by the same chamber.

This Wednesday, Lilia Paredes landed with her two children in Mexico, a country that has granted them political asylum. Before the flight, Castillo’s family was at the Mexican embassy in Lima.

They traveled after the chancellery granted Lilia and her children, Alondra and Arnold, a safe conduct.

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