Who killed Athena Strand? What did FedEx driver Tanner Horner do?

A missing 7-year-old Texas girl, Athena Strand, was found dead a week after she went missing from her North Texas home. The man accused of kidnapping and murdering 7-year-old Athena Strand has now been taken into police custody on charges of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping.

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Who was Athena Strand?

Athena Presley Monroe Strand was a 7-year-old girl from Texas, United States. She disappeared from her bedroom at her home in Paradise, Texas, Wednesday night after an argument with her stepmother.

At first, the police believed that someone had taken her near the family’s front door, about 200 meters from the property. Athena’s biological father was out of town when she disappeared and her biological mother lives in Oklahoma.

Later, her stepmother searched for an hour and then filed an FIR for her disappearance, and soon the county sheriff issued an Amber Alert for the girl Thursday night.

The county sheriff put together a search team, including hundreds of volunteers, dog teams and helicopters. After that, the FBI teamed up with FedEx to track down the man behind his death.

What happened to Athena Strand? Who killed her?

According to sources and the Wise County Sheriff’s statement, Lane Akin claimed that Athena Strand was killed by Tanner Horner, a FedEx trucker. He first kidnapped her and then killed her within an hour of being kidnapped, officials said.

Tanner Lynn Horner, the defendant, is being captured and is being held in the Wise County Jail for the kidnapping and murder of a 7-year-old girl. Tenner’s bail was set at $1.5 million.

Athena Strand’s body was tragically discovered Friday afternoon in Boyd, Texas after she was kidnapped by a FedEx driver. It’s about six miles from her house.

Athena Strand Tributes death

Athena’s mom is now grieving and mourning the loss of her beautiful daughter. She posted many photos on Facebook with long captions.

Pink:: “Athena Strand has been found dead and weak after her disappearance. She was senselessly murdered. This man will pay. She rest in peace sweet girl”.

A user wrote, “What a beautiful angel. His stepmother must be in complete hell right now. Someone else’s child died while she was in her care. I don’t blame her, but I personally couldn’t come back from that either.”

laura, “I am very scared and a little worried about those children, who had a FedEx contract driver, drop off a package and pick up their 7 year old daughter, #Athena Strand, and kill her. We know that she raped a 15-year-old girl. old, 3 years ago. How many more victims are out there? He was also an Uber driver. #Athena”.

meredith yeomans“The sheriffs said, Tanner Horner, is a 31-year-old man from Lake Worth. He was accused of murdering 7-year-old #AthenaStrand. It was also mentioned that he kidnapped Athena during a FedEx delivery to her house on Wednesday.”

fedex issued a statement following the news of Athena Strand’s death: “Words cannot describe our shock at the reports surrounding this tragic event. Our thoughts are with Athena’s family during this very difficult time, and we have ensured that we cooperate fully with the investigating authorities.”

I hope you get all the details about Athena Strand’s death. We also offer our deepest condolences to her mother and wish her peace, comfort and strength for her soul.

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