Why do you Need 10Gbps Unmetered Port in Dedicated Server?

It is true that every Business has different or specific demands on which they work. Suppose you think to work or run a large scale website like an E-commerce website. In that case, it is obvious that you need a robust and reliable platform like a Dedicated Server. It is rich in features that offer all such standard and upgraded resources that are enough to create or build your own potent website.

10Gbps Dedicated Server delivers fast performance and steady access to specialized resources. Let’s figure out what makes a server necessary with 10 Gbps and higher. We can say perfectly capable port for your business hosting. Also, take a quick review of the highlights of what benefits it provides.

What is 10 Gbps Unmetered Port?

The unmetered bandwidth

10gbps unmetered dedicated server ensures that you get the complete high level of flexibility so you can be worry from any port capacity and packet loss. The unmetered bandwidth that you get with the dedicated server comes with the dedicated port. It offers the entire authority to use the 10gbps bandwidth around the clock without any obstructions or restrictions.

Server Wala offers the top-notch and cutting edge resources such as high bandwidth 10gbps unmetered dedicated Server. Also, you have the choice to choose the location that is near to you for the optimal network performance. As our data centers are established in multiple locations to provide more flexibility.

With the Dedicated Server, you get the CDN services that must be considered the most potent CDN all over the globe.

It is basically used to deliver the content with fast speed. Also, you get the IPTV, E-commerce, software distribution, Video streaming, and content download quickly from the websites that contain high traffic.

Increase Data Delivery and Traffic

What do you think about the term traffic port? It is merely a number of assets that define the amount of data delivered from your Server via a secure internet connection. You know that the traffic is measured in TB that term as terabytes of data per month. With the cheap 10gbps dedicated Server, you can quickly increase the traffic on your website. Why it so? Because it offers the high TB of data, for that you don’t need to pay any extra amount to any other web provider.

A business person and site owners have a great choice to select the services for their Business hosting from a metered and unmetered port. It offers a similar kind of functionalities with some restrictions or limits in one. If we talk about the metered port, you can clearly see the term measured, which means limited. Therefore, you get strict traffic limits after that, you must upgrade or renew your plan to continue.

What is the Role of 10Gbps Unmetered Bandwidth port in Dedicated Server?

CDN services

Well, to understand the concept of 10gbps in a Dedicated Server. First, you need to understand the meaning of a 10 Gbps or a little bit introduction of bandwidth.

The bandwidth that simply means the speed or data transfer speed via the Dedicated Server port. The bandwidth in higher dedicated servers basically measures in Mbps and Gbps. Therefore, when you get the 10Gbps with your dedicated server for your website hosting. It means you use the unlimited bandwidth without restrictions.

10Gbps is simple to define, which is the size of a port. With the different hosting plans, you get the different port sizes. It simple words, the port size varies with the server plans. The basic or primary port size is 1Gbps, which increases with the higher dedicated plans.

It is best if you get the 10Gbps with your dedicated Server. It means you get the high traffic, best steaming, massive data, and content distribution services with the round the clock external support and guaranteed highest uptime with the 10Gbps Dedicated Server. Therefore, your site works with the 20X faster speed.

Data Flow Capacity via Port

When we talk about the data flow capacity via a port, it is obvious that you must do some calculations to determine the bandwidth capacity. It means you need to find the rate at which the data is transferred from the server via a port over the network.

It is the fact that what rate you find out by performing some calculations is always less than the bandwidth of the port. Why it so? Because the bandwidth that you get with your Server is also used for other network overheads. It is also based, or we can say that it depends on the provider location and how many users host their site on a server and other aspects.

Therefore, You can find the data transfer rate over your Server by doing the calculation using the below-mentioned formula. The traffic on a dedicated server must be calculated by performing this simple calculation.

Traffic (MB) = Throughput (Mbps) x Time (Seconds).

Let’s understand this by taking the primary example. If your Server delivers data at the rate of 100Gbps, it means it transfers almost 33 TB per month. Therefore, if you get the 10gbps unmetered dedicated Server, you get the 3300TB of data for the entire month without any network failures.

What Benefits do you get in Business with 10Gbps Dedicated Server?

Faster data transfer rate

A 10gbps dedicated servers with the unmetered port is an ideal solution that enhances, or we can say that boost the quality of your hosting. There is no doubt that a Dedicated Server benefits your Business in a number of ways. Therefore, you can take benefit from it with ease. But it is possible when you opt for such a blazing fast or highly robust Server from an offshore web hosting provider like a Serverwala.

  • Faster data transfer rate even in traffic spikes
  • High level of performance
  • Assured site uptime with minimal or no downtime.
  • Standard and high level of security
  • Exclusive and secure network connection

With a cheap 10gbps dedicated Server, you can easily handle your website that holds the higher traffic and provide the world-class end-user experience.

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