Why FG is investigating Mikano, Jubali Brothers, JMG for importing generators

The Nigerian government said it has launched an investigation on some generator importers, manufacturers, assemblers and distributors, especially mikano, Jubali brothers Y JMG.

This was revealed in a statement from the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) which said it has already received credible intelligence and conducted preliminary investigations.

A serious investigation: The extensive investigation on generator importers, manufacturers, assemblers and distributors is to confirm whether incidents of overpricing, multiple or duplicate models, bad import or customs clearance practices and other crimes were reported.

To this end, the FCCPC has sought the assistance of Nigerian customers who are willing to share their experiences with generator manufacturers, importers and assemblers.

A search warrant: Meanwhile, the FCCPC said it obtained a search warrant and a warrant from the Federal High Court after convincing the court that there is probable cause and prima facie evidence of violations of the FFCPC Act.

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The Commission said it executed the search warrants on the identified targets and obtained certain information from the investigative targets, citing progress with the forensic analysis, hearings and interrogations.

  • “The purpose of the search warrant and warrant was to obtain vital information and evidence from key targets and large industry players whose businesses and practices have been implicated in the intelligence obtained thus far and the surveillance work that has already been done.” the statement said.

Your help is needed: The FCCPC further noted that relevant information is welcome from Nigerians. You can send your information to openpower@fccpc.gov.ng.The FCCPC said it will protect the identities of taxpayers.

The news continues after this announcement.

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