There is no hard-and-fast rule that one must not use plastic devices to smoke marijuana, but it is best to avoid it as they can be dangerous. For instance, if you accidentally burn the widget while heating the drug, it could cause you to inhale potentially harmful chemicals in the plastic material.

For this reason, several avid marijuana enthusiasts prefer glass bongs and pipes for their daily hit as they are safer than plastic ones. Furthermore, these products give a smoother drag and are easy to clean and ergonomic, making them apt for newbies and experienced users alike.

If you are yet to use this variant, here’s a quick list of some undeniable reasons you should consider investing in a glass-made device for your marijuana needs.

Durable And Ergonomic

The best quality smoking apparatus is made using tough borosilicate glass, making it heat-resistant and long-lasting. Also, the thickness of the material is more excellent than other ordinary glass products like showpieces or a watch, enabling users to utilize the device daily without worries.

Besides being sturdy, the structure of most of these contraptions is such that they are easy to hold and carry from one spot to another. Moreover, the ergonomic grip prevents it from slipping out of hand and falling to the floor. Glass pipes are much easier to carry along in your handbag or backpack, enabling you to enjoy your everyday hits while on the move.

Excellent Flavor

People who use wood, clay, or plastic widgets can testify that cannabis smoke incorporates a dense, often unpleasant taste and smell due to the material. This can mar the smoking experience to a great extent, making it difficult to adjust to the device for each subsequent use.

Invariably, several folks who use cannabis for therapeutic purposes or recreation choose glass devices as they are the safest option in the market. Since glass is non-combustible, it does not tamper with the flower’s odor or smell; instead, it heightens the smoking experience by making the hits smoother than ever.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Undoubtedly, glass products are stunning art pieces to look at, incorporating delicate designs and robust durability simultaneously. However, besides their visual appeal, another upside is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

You simply need to fill the bong or pipe with a cleaning solution made typically of salts or isopropyl alcohol mixed in warm water and rinse it off after a while. While some folks use dishwashing soap, it may not always be ideal as it tends to leave foggy stains on the glass.

Therefore, choose one of the above options and regularly clean your smoking device to enjoy a safe and remarkably flavorful smoking experience.

Custom Options Available

You can buy a broad range of custom glass bongs and pipes from an online retailer at meager prices – less than a hundred dollars! For example, reputable manufacturers sell heart-shaped or glow-in-the-dark pieces from $60 to $70. They also have various animal-shaped designs, scientific models, mini bongs, and space and fruit-themed smoking devices.

Moreover, they provide high-quality smoking accessories and essentials at affordable rates. Besides that, several reputable suppliers offer free to low-cost shipping, easy returns or exchanges, and seasonal discounts. This way, even users who are on smaller budgets can purchase several different products without spending too much.



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