Why I Wear Dreadlocks Now – Ayesem Talks About His Hairstyle

Stephen Kwabena Siaw, popularly known by his stage name Ayesem, a Ghanaian recording artist, has revealed why he decided to change his hairstyle and wear dreadlocks.

“The hair salon inspired my new hairstyle. Sometimes I feel that to go to an event to present myself I need to go get my hair cut, ”she said in an interview. MyNewsGh.com supervised.

He added: “But I’m the type or someone who’s not just going to get my head shaved at any hair salon because I have a hairdresser that I trust knows the look I want.”

He commented: “So when my hairdresser’s away and I need to try other people…for me, I feel like I’m taking a risk and also I traveled to the UK.”

Speaking in a one-on-one interview, the ‘Koti’ hitmaker revealed that he started getting dreadlocks because when he traveled to the UK he didn’t get the right hairdresser.

“I was there for a long time and I saw that I had thick hair, but I couldn’t get the right hairdressers in the UK to cut my hair, so that’s when I started cutting it because I felt it was my natural hair,” she said. Tamesan Krakye.

He continued, “I thought about leaving it after I blocked my hair and when I get back to Ghana and I like it I’ll just carry on but if I don’t like it I just cut it off.

“But after doing it, I realized that it’s nice to the level that I kept it, since it’s my natural hair, there’s nothing wrong with it, I kept it that way,” he concluded on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM.

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