Why Lindsay Lohan calls ‘Falling For Christmas’ a ‘full circle moment’ for her and Chord Overstreet?

Netflix takes on Hallmark with its Christmas films. For a few Christmas seasons in a row, the streaming giant has produced New Christmas Classics. falling in love with christmas is poised to be one of those classics. It’s also something of a comeback for Lindsay Lohan. This is one of the first projects Lohan has starred in for a long time. Even though she’s been out of the game, she actually knew her co-star Chord Overstreet before she took a break from acting.

Lindsay Lohan appeared in ‘Glee’ with Chord Overstreet in 2012

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Overstreet is a heartthrob best known for his time playing Sam Evans in Happiness. He has had some other roles as Happiness ended in 2015. His filmography includes a major role in the original Apple TV+ show, Acapulco. Despite vastly different career paths, Overstreet and Lohan actually worked together before.

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