Why Should Households Switch To Washlets 

Shoppers rushed to stock up on everyday items when the Covid-19 pandemic started to spread worldwide. It caused massive shortages of essentials, particularly toilet paper. People panicked because they needed the item each time they used the toilet. When stores established their rules in limiting the number of toilet rolls each customer can purchase at a time, the demand for TOTO washlet and bidet took a sudden surge. Most people started to realise that these bathroom fixtures can be a smart alternative to toilet paper.

Most households have no idea what a washlet or bidet can do for the users. Here is information about bidets and their additional benefits to the users. 

What Is A Washlet? 

Washlets, a patented product made by Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO, is created to replace toilet papers for cleaning the genital and anal areas after relieving oneself in the washroom. It is a stable bathroom fixture in countries like Japan, Italy, and Argentina. However, it is mostly a foreign concept for people living in Australia and other countries like the US and UK. Some people are having problems understanding the use of washlets if they are not used to it. 

Experts believe that these bathroom fixtures are better to use compared to the usual toilet paper. It can clean and provide comfort better compared to the paper alternative. It is also particularly helpful for people with physical disabilities like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or arthritis. 

How To Use A Washlet? 

A typical TOTO washlet and bidets are often made with a device installed on the toilet seat. It can also be a separate seat installed in the bathroom. Both devices spray water in a person’s underside to rinse off after doing toilet duties. 

To activate its function, you only need to turn on the bidet using a knob or a button. You also need to seat in the washlet properly to the device to deliver a spray of water in your rear area. You only need a small amount of toilet paper to dry yourself after washing with the washlet or bidet.  

Are Washouts Better Than Toilet Papers? 

Experts believe that toilet paper is not the most hygienic choice when cleaning oneself after going to the toilet. They believe that this option could not clean the area properly. It may even smear the dangerous fecal organisms in the person’s skin. 

On the other hand, most TOTO washlet models have self-cleaning characteristics that can get rid of the bacteria. Others also have blow-dry features that reduce the need to wipe the behind using toilet paper. 

Other medical experts also claim that over-wiping using toilet paper can be harmful to the skin, especially around the anus area. Overtyping can cause the skin to tear when wiped aggressively. Other studies also revealed that using bidet habitually can reduce the risk of contracting haemorrhoids and other urogenital conditions. 

More importantly, using washlets or bidets can be more cost-efficient compared to toilet papers. Households use an average of 409 rolls of toilet paper every year. It may add up depending on the number of people in the household. If they choose to invest in a TOTO washlet, they can save hundreds of dollars from their expenses. 

In addition, bidets and washlets are more environmentally-friendly. If more households choose these bathroom fixtures, people can save millions of gallons of water in producing rolls of toilet papers annually. 

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