Why Should You Consider Switching to Halal Nail Polish?

When contemplating which nail polish to use for beautifying your nails, one of the least factors that you may consider is if the product caters to your beliefs and religion? Nowadays, Muslim people may begin to include halal nail polish to make their nails look neat and pretty. But do you know that you can also benefit from using this type of nail polish even if you are practicing a different faith? 

Find out how switching to halal nail polish can benefit your nails in the long run. 

What Is Halal Nail Polish? 

The word Arabic word “halal” means “permissible” when translated into English. It is usually used to describe meat, food items, personal care products, and cosmetics like nail polish made using processes that comply with Islamic laws. Anything that is not classified as halal is called “haram.”  

To be classified as halal, the nail polish must be free from any ingredients that are prohibited for consumption under Shariah or Islamic law. All the utensils, machines, and other equipment used to create the product must also be cleaned in compliance with the halal guidelines. 

Why Are Other Nail Polish Not Considered Halal? 

Most nail polish formulas contain ingredients that Shariah prohibits. It means the product may either contain pork-based products or consumable alcohol. 

Also, the usual nail polish is not breathable. It means it cannot let the air or water pass through. It contradicts the Muslim faith because religion requires all parts of the body to be cleansed before practising the five daily prayers. Each Muslim must perform the washing ritual called “Wudu”, which is thoroughly cleaning the body, including the nails. 

When Muslims use the common nail polish, they will not be able to clean that part of the body. It will require them to remove the polish to let the air and water touch the nails. If they want to wear nail polish again, they may have to reapply it all the time. It would be very inconvenient and damaging to the nails and cuticles.  

Why Should You Switch to Halal Nail Polish? 

Since halal nail polish is breathable, it could be a better choice if you want to protect your nail from getting brittle over time. It also comes with other perks, including: 

Reduced Toxic Chemical Exposure – Most nail polish formulas are made with formaldehyde, toluene, and camphor. These are recognised as toxic substances. Prolonged exposure to these substances could be dangerous to your health. 

Allows Natural Hydration – Breathable nail polish can help the nails remain hydrated with its natural oils. When the nails remain hydrated, they will always be healthy and flexible. It will also help the nails remain strong and supple all the time. 

Quicker Drying Time – The formulation used in halal-certified nail polish reduces the product’s drying time on the nails. It means you no longer need to wait for a long time until the polish dries up to avoid smudges. 

Also, halal-certified nail polish is usually vegan and cruelty-free. It means the products are more sustainable and environment-friendly than the usual nail polish available in the market. Even non-Muslims can take advantage of these perks if they want to maintain a healthier-looking set of nails. Thus, it would be better to switch to halal nail polish to achieve all these benefits. 

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