Why The Beach Boys’ ‘Shut Down Volume Two’ Songs Weren’t ‘Part Of The Hot-Rod Thing,’ According To Brian Wilson

Whether it’s “Fun, Fun, Fun” or “Shut Down,” the Beach Boys often sing about their love of cars. However, not all of the albums had “hot-rod” themes, as Brian Wilson mentioned a collection that featured mostly love songs. This is what we learned from this composer’s memoirs, I’m Brian Wilson.

Brian Wilson is a founding member of the Beach Boys, co-author of ‘Fun, Fun, Fun’ and ‘Shut Down’

The rock and roll group The Beach Boys poses with Corvette (Brian Wilson, Al Jardine, Dennis Wilson, Carl Wilson, Mike Love) | Michael Ochs Files/Fake Images

Brian Wilson appeared in the Beach Boys alongside brothers Dennis and Carl Wilson, Mike Love, and Al Jardine. He was listed as the group’s primary songwriter, and also addressed the band’s contributions to compilation albums.

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