Why Use Bulk Email SMTP Dedicated Server Hosting

We all can relate to the importance of digital media and digital marketing and the email provider is one of the things that comes hand in hand with that. With not only online presence and marketing, companies and businesses always considered  e-mails as the best way for sharing information, invitations and what not. But email providers like Google and Yahoo are only associated with laymen when it comes to storage. But when it comes to large companies and businesses, the requirement for the same is pretty big which gets completely different.

Why do you need a Bulk Email Dedicated Server?

As mentioned above, the large companies and businesses require a large amount of mailing services which can only be fulfilled by hosting service providers that give the perks and benefits of a professional  bulk email dedicated server.

When it comes to professional email hosting, we refer to a custom domain that you use for your emails. There are various businesses and large scale companies who are now taking their online presence through a website  seriously but there are also some people who are still not tilting towards dedicated messaging. But it is important to note that  with those specialised services you get various advantages that all web hosts don’t provide. But why does it happen and varies to several hosting plans?

The answer to that question is that there are several web hosting companies that offer email hosting as an additional benefit which has limited perks and functionality. These limited benefits can be essential or nonessential depending on the customer’s needs. Most of the time, the companies that shared hosting providers that provide simple mail servers while, on the other hand, there are some professional players who offer various MailInBlack filters.

But with the unique bulk email Dedicated Server Hosting, you get a set of services like spam filtering, shared contacts, SMS alerts, email management and  recommended emails for managing & sending a large number of emails. It also gives you access mailboxes from your smartphone or computer by one touch.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Bulk Email Dedicated Server

While reading the above mentioned information you’ll agree that a bulk email dedicated server is all that you need and gives you various advantages for better and efficient working. But it is also important to note that it has advantages as well as disadvantages that you need to know.

So the advantages of having a bulk email dedicated server is that you get the flexibility and control for the complete system which you can customize on your own. You can install or uninstall all the tools, applications and scripts as per your need and requirements. You also get the security as you are the only one using that server as it is a dedicated server not a shared hosting service. This automatically decreases the chances of information hacking and revealing of the confidential files which are higher in shared hosting.

You also get the stability and better performance because you get the complete server and resources for your use which you don’t have to share with others. With a DS, you don’t have to worry about any bad sudden surprise in increased traffic to your site.

Bulk Email Dedicated Server

Disadvantages of Having a Bulk Email Dedicated Server

But it is important to know that it also comes with various disadvantages which you need to know before selecting a bulk mail server. The first and the foremost drawback of bulk email DS is its cost which is huge as compared to a shared hosting. It is obvious that the benefits and advantages of DS comes with a cost which the company has to bear. Companies and large-scale businesses can bear the cost as they need the resources and services which hosting providers offer. But when it comes to small scale businesses, they have to think twice and carefully think whether they need the services to the fullest or not.

In the end, we can clearly say that bulk email dedicated servers are only for large companies which have high-traffic websites and professional staff with skills. This service is the best solution for your website’s server.

Services of Serverwala’s for Bulk Email Server

If you are looking for the best bulk email smtp server hosting then your search ends over here at ServerWala. ServerWala is known as the best web hosting provider that offers a wide range of share and dedicated hosting plans for large as well as small scale companies as per their cost and preference so that they get their ideal set of services for their websites and company. The services provided by ServerWala for monthly usage are:

  • 1 VPS Server With 8 IP
  • RDNS Ready
  • SPF Ready
  • DMARC Ready
  • DKIM Ready
  • IP Rotation
  • PowerMTA 4.5
  • Mailwizz Application
  • Warmup Guide
  • 10/10 score on mail-tester.com
  • 1 Million Spam Traps
  • 24*7 Support Skype / Call / Mail
  • Full Panel Access

They also provide premium plans which you can select depending on your company’s requirements and services. So we can say that ServerWala is the best bulk email dedicated server hosting that you can select for your company’s growth and achievements.


Best bulk mail smtp server plan? It is necessary to know that not every web hosting company provides email hosting plans for their customers which means that you have to find your ideal web hosting provider for your company’s needs for email transfers and other services. But with ServerWala, you don’t have to go anywhere else as they provide a complete pack of bulk email dedicated server hosting plans that will satisfy all your website’s needs so that your company achieves the highest goals and targets.

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