Why You Should Opt to Get Clear Braces in Parramatta

Not everyone is born with a set of perfectly aligned teeth. Having crooked teeth can cause a blow to someone’s self-esteem. Thankfully, many treatment methods and professionals are specializing in this area that can help fix that. 

The most common treatment orthodontists, professionals dealing with dentistry that involves straightening the teeth, suggest that patients do dental braces. Getting braces to help guide your teeth and bite to their correct position.

There are many offers of orthodontic treatments that are available for every dental need. With a little research, it will be easy to find an orthodontist to handle metal braces or clear braces in Parramatta

Types of Braces

There are a few types of dental braces to choose from. They vary from the material used and prices. 

  1. Metal Braces
  2. Clear Braces
  3. Lingual Braces
  4. Invisalign

It is advisable to consult an orthodontist to ensure that the right type of dental braces matches every patient.

Reasons to Pick Clear Braces Over Others

Clear braces are like traditional or metal braces, but instead, they are not as visible on the teeth compared to the metal ones. It is made up of ceramic brackets and transparent/tooth-coloured wires. Most patients prefer clear braces in Parramatta because they blend with the teeth, making it less obvious that you have them.

Here are some more attributes why patients pick clear braces Parramatta for their orthodontic treatment.

  • Moves teeth faster than clear aligners (Invisalign) – most clear braces take about 18 to 36 months to straighten the teeth successfully. In contrast, clear aligners take longer to work for teeth that don’t require much correction. For a severe case of misalignment or malocclusion, clear aligners don’t do many corrections.
  • Colours are available – metal braces only come in one colour: grey, but with ceramic braces, any colour imaginable is available for patients to choose from.
  • It doesn’t interfere with imaging tests – sometimes, metal braces disrupt signals during imaging tests; however, clear braces produce lesser signal interference.
  • Small bracket design – one of the key differences a clear brace has over metal braces is the size of the bracket design. Clear braces have a smaller bracket, taking up less space on the front of a tooth.
  • Reliability and strength – its fine-grained and innovative ceramic material is stronger than other types making it more resilient during treatment and less resistant to damage. 

Who can get clear braces, and how much does it cost?

This type of dental braces is most recommended for adults. This treatment ensures a lower chance of bracket breaking and a shorter period for teeth correction. It is a good choice for those who want their braces to look subtle. It makes clear braces ideal for straightening the teeth for those who don’t want to draw too much attention to their braces.

The average cost of braces in Sydney is AUD8,000 to 15,000. A patient’s age, insurance plan and type of braces would affect the cost. It is highly recommended to discuss the treatment and expenses with the preferred orthodontist beforehand.

Every patient’s wish is to have an innovative and effective treatment but visually appealing at the same time. Clear braces are the best choice if you want to have your teeth straightened while keeping them low-key. Schedule an appointment with an orthodontist to determine if you are a candidate for clear braces treatment to get that perfect smile today. 

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