Wife: US Navy ‘causing harm’ to husband jailed in Japan – Thelocalreport.in

(news nation) — Brittany Alkonis, the wife of a US Navy lieutenant sentenced to three years in a Japanese prison, says she still wonders, after 19 months, why the Navy is willing to let one of their own stay in jail.

“I don’t get it, and no one seems to get it. Anyone looking from the outside… other branches of government, they don’t understand the actions of the Department of Defense. And I’d love to know,” Brittany Alkonis told NewsNation’s “On Balance” show.

Navy Lt. Ridge Alkonis is jailed for a fatal car accident that he and his family say was caused by a medical emergency. Now, the Department of Defense wants to stop paying him, which affects his family members still in Japan.

Sentence of Army Lt. Ridge Alkonis:

  • 3 years in a Japanese prison
  • Convicted of killing 2 pedestrians in May 2021 (negligent driving)
  • The sentence was confirmed last month.

Brittany also said she learned that the chief of Naval Operations recently attributed false statements to her husband while he was giving a speech to naval officers. She called it “grossly unprofessional and inappropriate.”

“Not only are they not being helpful. They are actively causing damage and have been doing so for 19 months. And I do not understand.

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