WWE’s Top 10 Female Wrestlers

At one point, very few cared about women’s wrestling in WWE, but now we have listed the top 10 female wrestlers in WWE. Things have changed drastically and female wrestlers have transformed from Divas to Superstars and started appearing at popular events like WrestleMania.

Needless to say, Charlotte Flair, becky lynchY sasha banks They are not little famous names in the WWE universe, as they are now one of the most recognizable Superstars in the franchise. In the list below, we will bring you the details of the top 10 WWE wrestlers of all time with the most titles in history.

10 lita


Legend of the WWE Universe, Lita holds four WWE Women’s Championships. Despite not having much accolades, she is considered by many to be the greatest fighter of all time.

9. Beth Phoenix

The legendary Beth Phoenix stayed with the WWE franchise from 2001 to 2012. During her tenure, she won 3 WWE Women’s Championships and 1 WWE Divas Championship.



She has 1 NXT Women’s Championship, 1 Raw Women’s Championship, and 2 Smackdown Women’s Championships to her credit.

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The Japanese wrestler has the longest undefeated streak in WWE history, which was broken by “Queen” Charlotte Flair. Asuka She is considered the most formidable female wrestler today.

6. Alexa Happiness

alexa happiness
alexa happiness

She became the first woman to win both the Raw Women’s Championship (three times) and the Smackdown Women’s Champion (twice).

5.Mickie James

mickie james
mickie james

Despite not being considered one of the strongest wrestlers, her long time with the franchise gave her many titles. She became a WWE Divas Championship holder once and has five WWE Women’s Championships.

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4. Becky Lynch

becky lynch
becky lynch

“The Man” of WWE wrestling women, becky lynch She is considered one of the strongest fighters today. She has won the Raw Women’s Championship twice and the Smackdown Women’s Championship twice.

3.Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus ranks third on WWE's Top 10 Women's Wrestlers list
trish stratus

Stratus does not have multiple championships, but she has won the WWE Women’s Championship seven times. But during her time, it was called the WWF Women’s Championship.

2. Sasha Banks

ranks second on WWE's Top 10 Female Wrestlers list
sasha banks

Known as “The Boss”, Banks holds one NXT Women’s Championship, five Raw Women’s Champions, and one Smackdown Women’s Champion.

1. Charlotte’s Style

Charlotte Flair ranks No. 1 on WWE's Top 10 Female Wrestlers list
charlotte style

The “Queen” continued the legacy of father Rick Flair and tops the list with the most WWE women’s titles. She was the first Raw Women’s Champion and the last Divas Champion. She has 2 NXT Women’s Championships, 1 WWE Divas Championship, 6 Raw Women’s Championships, and 6 Smackdown Women’s Championships to her credit.

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