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the billionaire Elon Musk asked the CEO of Apple for explanations, tim cookbecause he assures that the apple company “has stopped almost all advertising on Twitter”, in a series of tweets in which he questions whether Apple “hates the right to free speech” in United States.

The tycoon and owner of Twitter started a message campaign for Apple in his account in which he assures that “Apple has threatened to freeze Twitter from its App Store (application service of their phones) and does not give us the reasons”.

Without having yet received a response from Tim Cook, he continues with another message in which he accuses Apple of “impose a 30% secret tax on everything you buy through its App Store“, and insinuates that he does not plan to pay for it with a “meme”: on a highway there is a two-lane fork: pay 30% or go to war, and you see a car called Elon that chooses to go to war.

In another tweet he writes that “Apple should publish all the acts of censorship it has taken that affect its users”, and also opens one of its famous surveys for users to decide if Apple should make them public. “acts of censorship”a survey to which more than half a million users have responded in less than an hour (most with a “yes”).

Cook, for now, did not respond to Musk’s questions. (Photo: AFP)

For now, The Twitter application works with apparent normality on Apple iPhones.

If Apple is confirmed, its withdrawal of advertising will mean a new blow to Twitter, which since Musk’s landing, he has lost a good part of his advertising income: According to the public network of radio NPR, the little bird network has already lost half of its main advertisers, who this year alone had spent 750 million dollars on the network.

After the withdrawal of advertisers, sometimes public and other times discreet, there is the fear of companies when they see the uncertain course that Twitter is taking in relation to content, and that manifests itself in decisions as controversial as the Donald Trump Account Resetsuspended after the assault on the Capitol.

Elon Musk is often defined as “an absolutist of freedom of expression” Because of that against excessive content controlbut since his arrival this has translated into an increased presence on the hate speech network, according to reports.

Elon Musk threatens to make his own phone

The App Store and Play Store prohibit apps that contain hate or discrimination, bullying, harassment, and sexually explicit content.  (Photo: AFP)

The App Store and Play Store prohibit apps that contain hate or discrimination, bullying, harassment, and sexually explicit content. (Photo: AFP)

The tweeter boss does not rule out make your own cell phone. The person in charge will consider this option if finally Apple (iphone) and Google (Android) decide to remove the Twitter app from their devices. Both companies do not allow in their stores apps that tolerate expressions of hate, discrimination, intimidation or harassment. And Musk has yet to decide where he sets the bar on the microblogging platform.

liz rolls, a conservative commentator and presenter, was the one who launched the debate last Friday. “If Apple and Google remove Twitter from their app stores, Elon Musk should produce his own smartphone. Half the country would happily ditch the biased and nosy iPhone and Android. Man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy right? he tweeted he.

The tycoon did not take long to pick up the glove. “Of course I hope it doesn’t come to that, but yes, if there is no other option, I will make an alternative phone”assured the also founder of Tesla.

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