Yum Translator Review: Why California Or UK People Love It

Yum Translator Review 3.0Yum Translator Review: Communication with other people in a foreign language can quickly become a problem, especially if both are not fluent in English. The Yum Translator wants to remedy the situation and simplify communication. It is a small translator who wants to translate dialogues in real time. But does the small box succeed? I took a closer look at the Yum Translator 3.0 translator.

Yum Translator Review 3.0 – Little Intro

The Yum Translator is an instant translator designed to significantly simplify dialogues with foreign-language people. It translates spoken word into various foreign languages ​​within a few seconds, thus simplifying communication. More than 40 languages ​​are supported.

This fact and the simple application make the Yum Translator Device in theory the perfect companion in many situations. If you travel to distant countries and want to talk to the locals in their native language or have a lot to do with work abroad in everyday work, the device is a welcome help. But these are just two examples of the areas of application for the 3.0 translator. Even in everyday life and everyday communication with foreign-language people, the device can serve well if it works as announced by the manufacturer.

How is the instant translator 3.0 used?

Only two buttons on the device are required to use the Device. As you speak, just press the first key. When you are done, you let go of it. This translates your spoken word within a very short time and reproduces it in the language you have set.

If your conversation partner answers in their mother tongue, you simply press the second key. When the person opposite is finished, you can let go of them and the translation in your mother tongue can be played back by the instant translator. It’s that simple in theory.

In practice, there are two catches. On the one hand, you must have and have a smartphone or tablet with Android. Because the app from the Google Play Store is mandatory. On the other hand, there must always be an internet connection when using it. Otherwise the 3.0 Device does not translate.

Evaluation and experiences with Yum Translator

Unfortunately, in practice there are some reasons for criticism of the this translator. This is confirmed by a look at the ratings of real customers. Many users criticize various points on the device.

It is often read that the speech is too quiet. This is a clear disadvantage, especially in a noisy and noisy environment. It is also often criticized that a smartphone and an Internet connection are absolutely necessary. If neither of these is available, the Yum 3.0 will not work. Especially since the manufacturer doesn’t really mention this on his website.

Many buyers are disappointed with the translator 3.0 and want to return it, sometimes even talking about “fraud” and “scrap”. Unfortunately there are also some problems with the return. Among other things, there is talk of a lack of customer service and missing refunds. The often long delivery time is also criticized.

3.0 Trasnlator – My Experience

I thought the idea of ​​the instant translator was brilliant right from the start and was all the more scared when I looked at the testimonials. The videos of the little translator had already convinced me and then I found that the users were consistently dissatisfied and even disappointed. So I decided to get to the bottom of it and wanted to test the Yumtranslator myself!

So I ordered the small instant translator for 89.00 euros – in my opinion a proud price for such a small device, but if it did what it promised, it would definitely be worth the price! A delivery time of 8-15 days was announced, but I had to wait for my translator for over 3 weeks (although I was apparently lucky – the device never seemed to arrive at some customers) – unfortunately the first minus point. 

I also found that Yumtranslator looked different on different pages – sometimes it was a black translator and sometimes it was a silver translator – I received the silver one.

When the Yumtranslator translator finally arrived, there was unfortunately no German manual. Since I had previously made inquiries on the Internet, I knew how to set everything up. I met two friends whose mother tongue is Polish and Russian to test the translator. Unfortunately, we found out that not only was the speech output much too quiet, but also that the translations sometimes did not fit at all.

Where and at what price can you buy Yumtranslator?

If you want to buy the translator, this is only possible online. The device can be ordered directly from the manufacturer’s website. The unit price varies depending on the quantity purchased and, thanks to a 50 percent discount, starts at 89 euros instead of 178 euros MSRP. If you order several copies at once, e.g. B. for family members, friends or colleagues, the price is reduced to around 40 euros. Shipping costs are not incurred when ordering the Yumtranslator. The delivery time should be 8 to 15 days.

Frequently asked questions

Finally, I answer a few questions that come up in connection with the Yumtranslator. Do you have any further questions? Then just put them in the comments.

My personal review of Yum Translator

The idea behind the instant translator is great. If the device worked as promised by the manufacturer and hoped by the many buyers, it would be a really great thing. Unfortunately, there are some serious shortcomings in practice. Above all, the mandatory internet connection, which is simply not always and everywhere available, is disruptive.  Why California Or UK People Love It