Zelensky challenges Putin to a ring fight ‘if he’s a man’

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has summoned Russian President Vladimir Putin to a “single combat” in the ring “if he is a man” in an interview with French television.

“A man, if he is a real man, when he wants to send a message to someone or if he wants to beat them up, he does it without resorting to the services of an intermediary (…). If he had such a message to convey to Putin, he would do it alone, ”Zelensky said in an interview broadcast on French public television LCI.

The Ukrainian leader has said he is ready to fight “single combat” with Putin “starting tomorrow.” “But this would be President Putin’s last summit,” he joked.


Zelensky thus responds to the information that has circulated about the order to kill Zelensky that Putin would have given to the president of the Russian region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadirov, shortly after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, on February 24.

In addition, Zelensky has raised the possibility of Putin’s death as a way to stop the war. “When a person dies, all institutions stop,” said the Ukrainian president.

For Zelensky, Putin’s strategy is comparable to that of Nazi Germany. “Russia has not started a new form of war. She is doing what Hitler’s fascist regime did ”, he pointed out in reference to the Russian bombing of civilian infrastructure to cause panic in the population.

As for Russia’s threats to use nuclear weapons, Zelensky stressed that it is “a sign of weakness”, of “mental disorder” and of “medical problems”. For him “only the sick, absolutely sick, could take that step.”

In addition, Zelensky has referred to the more than two million Ukrainians who have been deported to Russia since the start of the invasion, many of them children.

“We have impressive numbers. We are talking about 50,000 to 200,000 children, of whom we know the details: names, dates of birth, etc. ”, she explained. When asked if they left Ukraine of their own free will, Zelensky assured that “many are hostages today.”

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